A Look Into a Health Coach's Tools & Workflow — Healthie

A Look Into a Health Coach's Tools & Workflow — Healthie

Do you ever get so caught up in researching and learning about how to grow your own business, that you forget to actually take action?

If so, you are not alone.

This is exactly what happened to Shera Lee, a healthy lifestyle coach and founder of She's Lively, which offers online and mobile health and fitness coaching. Shera spent so much time researching the tools to use for her business, that she became completely overwhelmed.

She finally came to a point where she knew she needed to stop researching and start doing. She decided to invest in two tools (or what she calls "a match made in heaven") for her wellness business, which have ultimately helped her to automate tasks, improve her client's experience and grow her business.

"Researching the right tools for your wellness business is important, but there comes a point where you don’t need to research anymore. You need to pull the trigger and just get started."

These are the two tools Shera has used to take her business online, get organized, eliminate paper, safely store files, create awesome resources and significantly enhance her practice.

Tool #1: That Clean Life for Business

Meal planning is a huge part of Shera's business and the services she offers. Her clients love having healthy meals planned out for them. But the trouble was that Shera was spending countless hours searching for recipes, modifying them to suit client's needs and putting together custom plans.

She knew there had to be a more efficient way, and this is when she found us here at That Clean Life for Business!

Since joining That Clean Life for Business, Shera now has all her recipes organized in one place, plus has access to our growing database of recipes, which she can easily modify to suit the tastes of her clients and easily scale up or down if needed.

Shera is now using That Clean Life for Business to offer meal plans to her clients in minutes, instead of hours. It allows her to create custom programs, which she can quickly design based on their likes, dislikes and dietary preferences like vegan, paleo or vegetarian.

"That Clean Life for Business saves me time, but still allows me to be a part of the process and add my special touches. When I have a client who doesn't like particular foods, I can easily make a plan specifically designed for them, and they really appreciate that. They'll say to me, 'Wow, I can tell you made this plan just for me!' and that is so cool."

Since joining That Clean Life for Business, Shera has been able to organize all her meal plans, recipes and resources in one place. She no longer has to spend a ton of time looking for new recipes and creating custom meal plans from scratch.

Shera is now offering custom branded, professional-looking meal plans that her clients absolutely love, and on top of this, she's also been able to use That Clean Life for Business to improve her email opt-in, run group programs and also offer recipe books to her clients that don't necessarily need a full plan. She loves that the platform offers her the flexibility to use it in a variety of ways.

"I always wondered how other wellness professionals were doing it all! But now I feel like I could easily take on more clients and still be able to give them all a great experience."

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Tool #2: Healthie

Once Shera had a meal planning solution in place, she needed a tool that helped her organize the admin side of her practice like appointments, payments and communicating with clients. In typical Shera style, she researched it to the bone, before confidently choosing the practice management platform Healthie.

With Healthie, Shera's clients can book their own appointments, make payments, access resources and chat directly with Shera whenever they want. All her payments are now coming through in one place, and she can securely store credit card details for clients who are on recurring monthly payments.

Shera calls Healthie her "hub" to store the resources she creates for her clients. She uploads her client's That Clean Life meal plans to Healthie, which they can then access by logging into the client-side of Healthie. She loves that she can upload multiple weeks of meal plans at a time, and then give her clients access to the plans as they need them. She can also add videos, classes and courses, to give her clients all the tools they need to succeed in one place. Everything is stored securely online, so she never has to worry about losing files on her computer.

Healthie also has a food journal feature which allows Shera's clients to document their progress and upload pictures as they work through the meal plan, which makes it interactive and fun. Shera can then provide them with support and encouragement in real-time, which she says helps her clients stay accountable and on-track. Since her clients have better access to her, it has cut down on the time she has to spend on check-ins.

Between That Clean Life for Business and Healthie, Shera is providing her clients with the premium resources and support they need to succeed, in a super efficient way that saves her time and helps her to increase revenue. The tools have helped her provide her clients with a superior, professional experience, where their plans are customized and they have direct access to her for questions and support.

"My clients are now excited to eat healthy, and to see what's next!"

"For practitioners who are just starting out, the combination of That Clean Life for Business and Healthie is great because it’s not ridiculously expensive, you can make it work for you, and the customer support for both is invaluable, especially when you are new. This has been a winning combination for me. If you want to save money, and get maximum value out of services, this combo is it. Trust me, I've done all the research. Stop thinking about it and just do it!"

You can learn more about Shera on her website, She's Lively and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.


We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.