Introducing Auto Update: Optimize Your Clients’ Nutrition Plans in Seconds

Automatically update any client plan in real time. Save time and offer personalized nutrition guidance at scale for better client outcomes.

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Abigail Keeso, RN Abigail Keeso, RN
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Personalized nutrition plans are crucial for client success. By removing the guesswork from eating, practitioners who offer personalized nutrition plans can help their clients improve dietary adherence, help manage chronic disease, and enhance nutrient intake

But let’s be real. Creating meal plans for clients and updating them based on client feedback can be time-consuming, which makes it difficult to offer personalized nutrition guidance at scale. 

Perhaps your client forgot to mention they don’t like broccoli. 

Or maybe they want to try a plant-based diet.  

Or let’s say a new food intolerance, sensitivity, or allergy has emerged. 

Nutrition plan changes like this can throw even the most seasoned practitioners into a tailspin. 

But what if updating your client’s meal plans was easy?

What if you could update your client’s meal plans in seconds?

Now you can with Auto Update, now available to That Clean Life Plus Plan subscribers.

Introducing Auto Update 

Auto Update allows you to update your client's meal plans in seconds. No more spending hours adjusting plans. Instead, update your Smart rules, and Auto Update will automatically update your plan instantly to saving you time and empowering you to offer personalized nutrition guidance at scale for better client outcomes. 

Here’s how it works: 

Easier Personalized Nutrition

At That Clean Life, our mission has always been to empower health professionals with tools to provide nutrition guidance in the most beautiful, simplest way. With the launch of Auto Update, we’re making it even easier for practitioners to offer personalized nutrition without having to spend hours on it. 

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