How to Run a Successful Group Program

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How To Use a Low Carb Paleo Diet to Help Your Clients Thrive

“Let food be thy medicine.” Hippocrates really knew his stuff! This simple recommendation absolutely stands the test of time, and remains a fundamental belief among nutrition professionals everywhere. The pathway to health hasn't changed much over the centuries. The recipe for illness, however, has changed drastically since Hippocrates was treating patients. Here’s the gamble... Read more

18 Healthy Family-Friendly Meals & Snacks to Add to Your Meal Plan This Week

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3 Tips For Better Client Communication

As your nutrition practice grows, keeping track of clients and ensuring amazing, open communication is key. If you've been using our strategies to book 5 new clients every month, growth comes fast, and with it must come organization and efficiency. Here are 3 essential tips you should be using to keep clients feeling fully supported... Read more