Pricing Your Meal Planning Services & Programs: Data from 8,000+ Health Professionals

Optimize your pricing strategy with data insights collected from thousands of health professionals.

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Evita Basilio, RD Evita Basilio, RD
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One of the most common questions we get from nutrition professionals is, “What should I charge for a meal plan?”

Market research is an important part of setting your prices. It helps you understand the market value and what your peers are charging for their meal planning services. To save you time with your market research and help you confidently set your prices, we have analyzed the pricing from over 8,000+ health professionals.

Whether you are just starting with your nutrition business or have years of experience as a practitioner, this guide will help you consider (or perhaps reconsider) your prices.

This handbook will cover:

  • How health professionals are using meal plans in their nutrition businesses
  • Average hourly rates by profession
  • Average and high-end prices of meal planning services and programs
Download the Pricing Handbook now to optimize your pricing strategy.

When you take the time to work out the numbers, you can confidently present your pricing, knowing you are charging exactly what you are worth and what you need to thrive both personally and as a business.