5 Office Essentials for Every Nutrition Practice

5 Office Essentials for Every Nutrition Practice

A little while ago one of our That Clean Life members reached out to me and asked: “Besides the obvious furniture, what kind of things should I make sure to have in my new office?”

Like so many business-related issues, how to set up your office for an elevated client experience is not covered in school even though it is super important. Your office needs to be a space that you enjoy being in, but more importantly, your clients enjoy being in too!

If you’re getting ready to open your own office or looking to take your current office to the next level, here’s a checklist of everything you should plan to keep in your space.

1. Comfortable Chairs

Whether your office will be laid out with your client sitting on the other side of your desk, next to your desk, or away from your desk in a special seating area, the chair they sit in must be super comfortable.

Therapists notoriously have couches in their office so clients feel “at home” and comfortable to open up. You can replicate that feeling by choosing bucket chairs which give a sense of “cozy” but also a lot of personal space.

If you’re on a budget increase the comfort of your current chairs simply by adding a throw for extra texture and comfort.

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• MY HEALING OASIS • I’ve begun to create my “deep healing office” in this new space we are grateful to call our home. I’ve always dreamt of having my own office, not in the corporate world - as I’ve never actually been in corporate - it's honestly been anything but structured when speaking of societal standards. It was full of countless side jobs, making ends meet while I started my blog on the side for years w/out taking clients, waitressing, healing + paying off debt that built up due to over a decade of healing intensely the natural route, working FT to fuel my passion + purpose on the side, and the lack of security that often let me w/ a unhealthy mentality of lack (I’ve done a lot to heal this mindset + still have to check into my prosperity foundation). • THE • thing I do know is that I’ve always had a fighting spirit (Hardcore Ukrainian genes!) and knew one day I would create something that would just FEEL right. Even though Its often hard to put it into words what I do as it goes beyond nutrition + lifestyle - it goes DEEP, and to me feels more like an essence + using my gifts I've been given, than a label or title or profession. Creating this space, and stepping further and further into my own light to be seen seems surreal, but as I learn, and grow on my journey I'm continually reminded that it's all possible. ALL OF IT. For you, for me, for all of Us. It doesn't come without valleys, darkness, work, but when we are able to command our power, shift our consciousness, let go - like truly let go, and change our belief systems - get ready for your most radiant + authentic Self, the Self that only you know and where put on this planet to be. COMMAND YOUR SPACE + YOUR ENERGY 〰️ it's everything... 〰️ #spaces #LBLspaces #healing #deephealing #wellnessoffice #deephealingoffice #lifebyleese #lifestyle #holisticdesign

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2. A Well-Stocked Snack Bowl

If you offer appointments during lunch or dinner times, snacks are key! If your client is showing up hungry, that can cause them to feel distracted and disconnected during your appointment.

Keep a bowl of your favorite healthy snacks like seasonal fresh fruit, trail mix, bars, etc. and offer your clients a snack and a glass of water or tea when they arrive. These are the little touches that can really elevate your client's experience.

3. A Stealthy Clock

Staying on time is key to keep your schedule running smoothly. But glancing at your watch to check the time can really break the connection with your client. To avoid this, place a clock somewhere that you will be able to see it when you’re facing your client but that is behind them, so they’re not too focused on it. Also, make sure the clock doesn’t tick loudly, as that sound can be distracting.

4. Desk Lamp With a Night-Friendly Lightbulb

You’re probably going to be spending at least a few late nights at the office finishing up your client’s nutrition plans. A night-friendly lightbulb without a lot of blue light can make a huge difference in how well you sleep later.

It can also be helpful to install an app on your computer like f.lux to keep your eyes healthy during all your late-night meal planning sessions.

5. Extra Tissue Boxes

If you are working with populations who experience significant illness or emotional trauma like eating disorders, you should keep tissues handy.

Food is more than just nourishment for our bodies. There is a lot of emotional stuff that goes into making changes around diet. Holding space for your clients to express their feelings can make all the difference in creating a great relationship that leads to better outcomes and more organic referrals.

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The most important thing about your office space is that your clients feel comfortable and connected to you while they are there. Going the extra mile to meet their needs will ensure that they enjoy their time with you and keep coming back for more.

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We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.