How I Got Back On Track with A Breakfast Smoothie Challenge

How I Got Back On Track with A Breakfast Smoothie Challenge

I don't have time to make breakfast on work days. Scrambled eggs at 5 in the morning? No thanks. Sometimes I skip it altogether, then I end up overeating at lunch. By the end of the week, I feel like total crap.

My eating habits and energy levels are so much better when I follow a meal plan from That Clean Life. But when the monthly clean eating challenge ends or I forget to set aside time to plan, it's just a downward spiral. One of the best ways to reverse the rut, I've discovered, is committing to a breakfast smoothie challenge.

Smoothie Challenge

I can usually throw together a good dinner or grab leftovers from the freezer. But breakfast has always been my toughest challenge. What makes matters worse is what I eat (or don't eat) in the morning influences how I feel the rest of the day.

Sometimes all you need is one small change to get back on a healthy path. With a breakfast smoothie challenge, I feel like my goals became more attainable and, dare I say, even fun? :)

Why Do A Breakfast Smoothie Challenge?

  • Smoothies save so much time, compared to other breakfast options.
  • You can prepare it the night before, or a whole week's worth of breakfast in one day.
  • It's portable so you can take it to work.
  • Smoothies can help energize your morning and kickstart the day.
  • Easily fulfill your daily fruit and veggie requirements.
  • There are so many yummy recipes to try.

Smoothie Challenge

Tip #1: Collect smoothie recipes

Browse and make a list of your favourite smoothie recipes. I recommend sticking with only 2-3 recipes to repeat the entire week. Remember, the less work the better! My favourites include this Green Apple Cinnamon Smoothie, Green Detox Smoothie (or Juice) and our popular Blueberry Detox Smoothie.

Tip #2: Stock up on smoothie staples

Alternatively, you can buy basic smoothie ingredients and experiment with your own recipes. This is the recipe I usually go with: Greens + Frozen Fruit + Water or Almond Milk + Source of Protein

You can also add honey, maple syrup, dates or a banana to help sweeten your smoothie. I typically stick with spinach or kale for my greens as they tend to last longer in the fridge. Buying a variety of frozen fruit can also help save money and ensure you always have a supply available.

Smoothie Challenge

Tip #3: Add protein

Add a source of protein to help you feel full throughout the day and eliminate cravings. Here are my favourite ingredients to up the protein content in my smoothies:

  • Hemp hearts
  • Ground flax seeds
  • Ground chia seeds
  • Protein powder
  • Almond milk
  • Rolled oats

You can also keep a supply of assorted nuts/seeds for an extra energy boost between meals. Keep in mind there are so many meatless ways to incorporate protein into your meals throughout the day.

Smoothie Challenge

Tip #4: Up your smoothie prep game

To save time, portion out your ingredients into plastic baggies or containers so they're ready to blend, grab and go in the morning. There are also so many fruits and veggies that hold up in the freezer. Here's how to pick, store and freeze summer fruits and veggies.

Tip #5: Have the right mindset

Keep in mind, this isn't meant to be a cleanse or detox. It's just a fun way to challenge yourself and reinforce those healthy eating habits along the way :)

Smoothie Challenge

Do you also struggle with breakfast sometimes? Have you ever thought of doing a breakfast smoothie challenge? We'd love to hear about your experiences and favourite smoothie recipes!


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