How This Nutritionist Used a Free Challenge to Launch a Successful Paid Group Program

How This Nutritionist Used a Free Challenge to Launch a Successful Paid Group Program

Today we want to tell the inspiring story of That Clean Life member, Katie Pangborn who recently left her in-person clinical practice to launch an online nutrition business as a new mom. Katie is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and founder of Talking Tree Wellness.

Katie joined That Clean Life less than four months ago, and has worked closely with us to get her first online program set-up. In less than a month from joining, she had already launched her program, tripled the investment she had made in That Clean Life, and blown her own expectations out of the water.

We sat down with Katie to ask her exactly how she did it and she so kindly shared everything with us.

If you’re on a mission to launch your first online program and want it to be a huge success, get ready to take some serious notes as we walk you through each phase of Katie’s journey!

Phase 1: Planning the Launch

Katie became a That Clean Life member about six months after leaving her full-time in-person clinical practice. With a new baby, she was ready to jump back into working with clients but needed the flexibility to do it from home rather than putting in 10+ hour days at the clinic.

“After getting started with That Clean Life, I took every bit of advice I could get and started to put it into practice. With a baby at home who is my first priority, I knew it would be easy to put my launch off until he was older, or in daycare, or school, so I made the decision to stop overthinking it and just jump in. It was not perfect, but it was time to start. I knew I had my clinical expertise from years of practice, and I didn't want to get rusty while I was in Mama Mode.”

Katie completed our Nutrition Business Growth Accelerator, and she was a total rockstar of a student. She got everything up and running right away, paid a freelance professional on Fiverr to set-up a basic website so she could start blogging, and she started using her Instagram to let her followers know what she was working on.

Coming from a clinic where new clients were booking based on word-of-mouth and referral, this was Katie's first time having to really market herself.

Phase 2: Creating a Lead Magnet & Building an Email List

Katie put her That Clean Life membership to use right away by creating a lead magnet, which she exported as a PDF and put up on her website to start capturing email addresses and building her list.

Her lead magnet was a 5-Day Dinner Meal Plan. She designed it specifically for busy moms who struggle to get a healthy meal on the table during the week.

Tip: Want to create an epic lead magnet? Grab a free copy of our Lead Magnet Creation Guide for Nutrition Professionals.

Katie promoted her lead magnet on Facebook and Instagram – especially through Instagram stories where she often shared videos of herself making dinner recipes from the lead magnet. She gave herself two weeks to promote the lead magnet before moving onto the next phase.

Within two weeks of launching her lead magnet, Katie had 76 ideal clients on her mailing list.

Phase 3: Invite Email Subscribers to Join a Free Challenge

Once her email list had seen some growth, Katie invited all of her subscribers to join a free 5-Day Meals from Home Challenge.

She set up a Facebook group for the challenge participants and sent out an email to her list with the details. Her free challenge was set to start on a Monday and end on Friday and in the end, Katie had 50 participants join!

“Folks received their meal plans on Saturday so they could do their shopping on the weekend, and I did three scheduled Facebook Lives. I used that opportunity to answer questions, help set goals, give some tips on how to swap for preferences and get people excited for how they would feel by the end of the week. I also gave mini-challenges like encouraging hydration by putting a glass of water in the fridge before bed so it was the first thing you see in the morning.”

During the challenge, she kept her participants engaged by encouraging them to post photos of their meals in the Facebook group, share any modifications they were making, and post their progress on the mini-challenges.

Halfway through the program, Katie announced her paid program, a 6-Week Whole for the Holidays Program.

Phase 4: Converting Participants of the Free Challenge Into Her Paid Group Program

With her free challenge coming to an end, Katie made an irresistible offer to her challenge participants. If they wanted to keep up the momentum they'd built over the course of this free challenge, they could join her paid program for even better results. She offered a free one-week meal plan to her challenge participants as an incentive to sign up so they would have a plan to follow during the week between the free challenge and the beginning of the 6-week program.

Katie set the price to participate in her 6-week group program at $250 per person, and her goal with this first round was to convert at least four of the 50 free challenge participants into her paid group program.

“By the Saturday following the free challenge, I had 9 people from the challenge sign up for the paid program. Beyond that, I already had some clients outside of the free challenge who joined that program, so I had effectively tripled my investment in That Clean Life less than a month after I joined."

At $250 per participant, Katie brought in $2,250 from her first group program!

"I used the tried and true formula taught by That Clean Life and it worked. I showered people with free content, free advice, and really let my free challenge be a commercial and preview for what working with me would look like.”

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Katie's Post-Launch Reflections

After the launch of her group program, Katie looked back on the entire experience:

“One of the biggest (and best) things I learned is that people value what I am offering. Since that program, I have been hired to create personalized meal plans at $80/week and had clients sign-up to work with me one-on-one.”

Even with an email list of under 100 people, and a brand new social media presence, Katie was able to run a super successful online nutrition program on her very first launch by working hard, leveraging her personal connections, and following through – all while taking care of a baby and being a mom.

With That Clean Life to simplify the meal planning and program creation, Katie is able to focus more time on bringing in new clients and planning new programs, rather than spending hours and hours creating resources.

“Since doing the first round of lead magnet to free challenge to paid program, I have learned a lot. I have narrowed my niche to moms and mental health. Mental health has always been my passion and my reason for doing what I do, and moms battling anxiety and depression have always been the clients I look more forward to working with. My next program is called Mood Food for Mamas.

I feel like the possibilities to grow my business are endless.”

This is proof that you don’t need a huge social following, fancy website, or complicated email marketing strategy to start making money with online nutrition programs today. All you need to do is make the commitment and put in the work.

If you’re as inspired by Katie’s story as we are, leave a comment below to send her a virtual high-five!

How have you used That Clean Life to make your clients more successful? Email us your story and you could be featured!

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We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.


We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.