Love Fresh Natural Deodorant

Love Fresh Natural Deodorant

When I started to live a cleaner life, I became much more aware of the skin and body products I was using. I used to not think twice about this stuff until I learned about how much of it is actually absorbed into your body. What you put on your skin can be absorbed into the bloodstream, which is scary considering how toxic some of the ingredients are in common skincare and body products.

One product most of us use everyday and tend to overlook the effects of is antiperspirant. The key ingredient of concern is aluminum, which acts to block sweat from escaping the pores. While aluminum has not yet been classified as a carcinogen, several researchers have suggested a link between antiperspirants and cancer. Evidence remains inconclusive at this time.

Either way, my general philosophy is to keep the products I use as close to their natural state as possible. If you look at the ingredients of your typical Lady Speed Stick, you’ll see a lot of questionable stuff. With that being said, antiperspirant is a tricky thing to stray from. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to smell or have out of control sweaty underarms. From my brief stints with natural deodorant, I knew it typically just didn’t get the job done and I usually went crawling back to my trusted Speed Stick.

Enter Love Fresh - a Toronto-based eco-friendly skincare company who is focused on using natural products. I had been reading a lot about their new 100% natural deodorant. I was skeptical, but decided to give it one more try. And I’m so glad I did!

Love Fresh Natural Deodorant

This stuff really gets the job done, smells amazing and is great for your under arm skin. The ingredients are simple and clean: shea butter, coconut oil, arrowroot flour, baking soda, kaolin clay, emulsifying wax and essential oil. Voila. Easy peasy. See ya never aluminum.

Ingredients in Love Fresh All Natural Deodorant

Ingredients in Speed Stick Deodorant

I’m on my second pot of the Lavender Tea Tree scent and will never go back! Love it. Other scents include Moroccan Rose, Sweet Orange and Lemon Verbena. They cost $15 per pot and last about 4 months. You can check out the full line here. Happy deodoranting!


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