How to Use Our Plant-Based Programs to Retain & Attract Clients

Here are some great ideas for how you can use our plant-based programs to retain clients and even attract new ones.

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One awesome perk of being a member of That Clean Life is access to our library of over 100+ pre-made programs. Each program is fully customizable, can be exported with your business branding and comes with a meal plan, grocery list, recipes, and a prep guide.

We have several plant-based programs to choose from including:

Having access to these programs will save you a ton of time and can really help grow your nutrition business. Here are just a few great ideas of how you can use our plant-based programs to retain clients and even attract new ones.

1. A 5-Day Plant-Based Immune Support Challenge

What it is: A 5-day plant-based challenge focused on key nutrients to support the immune system including a 5-day meal plan, itemized grocery list, recipes, prep guide, and access to a private Facebook group for support.

How to Make it: Take our Plant-Based Immune Support Program and condense it into five days by simply deleting the meals from days 6 and 7.

Export the 5-day program as a PDF with your custom branding. Boom! Now you have your challenge participant materials all set to go.

What Next? Market your challenge and get people to sign up to participate! Let your community know that you have created a 5-day plant-based challenge that includes a delicious meal plan, itemized grocery list, fun recipes, and a prep guide. The challenge is to follow this plant-based diet for five days and strengthen their immune system. Tell your audience how to sign up (you can use a landing page service like Mailchimp or ConvertKit) and when they do, send them the meal plan package that you exported from That Clean Life. Invite them into a private Facebook group where they can connect with you and each other for support.

When the challenge kicks off, provide value every day by discussing a key nutrient to support the immune system. This will help your clients understand why they are eating what's on the plan and how it will help them. Here's how your nutrient discussion content calendar could look for your five-day challenge:

  • Monday: Vitamin A
  • Tuesday: Vitamin C
  • Wednesday: Vitamin E
  • Thursday: Selenium
  • Friday: Zinc

What to Charge: A challenge can be free or paid. A free challenge is great to grow your audience, build trust, and establish yourself as an expert which will pay off when it comes to getting paying clients down the road. A paid challenge is a great way to boost your revenue and attract clients as it isn't a huge time or financial commitment. For example, you could charge anywhere from $25 to $50 to participate ($5 to $10/day). With this range, you could make anywhere from $500 to $1,000 from this challenge if you attracted 20 participants.

Here's how one member of That Clean Life attracted 50 participants to her challenge.

Note: All prices are simply suggestions. What you charge for your programs and services will depend on what is included, how much of your time is required, where you are located geographically, your education and more.

2. A 30 Day Plant-Based Anxiety Support Program

What it is: A 30-Day Plant-Based Anxiety Support Program to walk your clients through 30 days of plant-based living with a focus on key nutrients to help manage anxiety like magnesium, vitamin B6, fiber and iron.

What is Included: Weekly meal plans with grocery lists, recipes, and prep guides. Weekly check-ins and progress reports. Access to a private Facebook group for support. Weekly lessons on stress-relieving habits like meditation, yoga or deep breathing. You could also bring in guest experts or weekly education on key nutrients to help clients cope with stress and anxiety, for example:

Week 1: Magnesium
Week 2: Vitamin B6
Week 3: Iron
Week 4: Fiber

How to Make it: Use our Plant-Based Stress & Anxiety Support Program as week one, then build out consecutive weeks by using our filters to search for vegan recipes high in key nutrients that have been shown to help with stress and anxiety. For example, you could search for vegan recipes high in magnesium and fiber.

What to Charge: You could charge a lower price and make this a group nutrition program where everyone receives the same plans and group support. In this case, you could charge $40 to $100 for four weeks, which works out to $10 to $25 per week. Alternatively, you could run this as a one-on-one program, which you would charge more for since the client would be getting personalized plans and support. In this case, you could charge $480, which works out to $120 per week.

3. Online Plant-Based Meal Prep Workshop

What it is: An online workshop that walks participants through how to prep five days worth of plant-based meals and snacks in just two hours.

What is Included: A five-day plant-based meal plan with a grocery list, recipes and prep guide plus a two-hour interactive workshop, and a replay so that they can repeat the process on their own.

How to Make It: Use That Clean Life to create a 5-day plant-based meal plan with meals that are great for meal prep. Use our filters to search for easy meals and snacks that have few ingredients and take a short amount of time to make. Check out our Meal Prep Sunday Program along with the prep guide for inspiration on how to structure this.

What Next?: Create a registration page for your online event. You can do this using a ticketing site like EventBrite or Universe. Set your price and when participants register, it will automatically send them a link to join the workshop at a certain date and time. Be sure to send those who sign up the meal plan, grocery list, and prep guide in advance so they can do their shopping and be prepared.

What to Charge: Health professionals charge anywhere between $30 to $60 for these kinds of workshops, depending on what is included and how much time you spend preparing.

4. Transition to Plant-Based Living One-on-One Coaching Program

What it is: A high-end program where you work closely with clients one-on-one over a six to 12-week period to transition them to full plant-based living.

What it Includes: An initial assessment with goal setting. Weekly meal plans, grocery lists, recipes, and prep guides are a great place to start. Plus whatever else you think your ideal client would find super valuable like weekly progress reporting, grocery store tours, meal prep sessions, supplement consults, etc.

How to Create it: Create a week-by-week outline for your high-end program and decide how you will deliver it. Use That Clean Life to create the materials clients will need on a weekly basis. Since this is a one-on-one program, you should ensure they are personalized, which means creating them as you go based on your assessments.

What to Charge: High-end programs should be your highest-priced offering. We recommend starting out at charging $100 to $150 per week for your high-end program. This price should increase over time as you refine the program and add more value.

5. Launch a Plant-Based Meal Plan Subscription Service

What it is: A service where clients can subscribe to receive weekly or monthly meal plans plus other content from you centered around plant-based eating. Since "plant-based" is a pretty broad niche, we suggest you get more specific. For example, you could do a plant-based meal planning subscription service for athletes, families, or women living alone and cooking for one.

What's Included: Weekly or monthly meal plans with recipes, grocery lists and prep guides. You may also want to offer additional content related to your niche, like workouts, coaching calls, recipe books, guest interviews, etc.

How to Create it: Use That Clean Life to create your meal plans with recipes, grocery lists and prep guides. You could use a membership platform like Kajabi to host your subscription service but in the beginning, you may want to simply email your clients their monthly content to keep it simple, affordable and easy to get started.

What to Charge: Health professionals charge anywhere from $20 to $60/month for a weekly meal plan subscription depending on their professional background and what is included with the subscription.

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