How to Use Recipe Books to Attract Clients, Make Them Successful & Grow Your Business

How to Use Recipe Books to Attract Clients, Make Them Successful & Grow Your Business

Meal plans are an incredibly powerful resource when it comes to helping your clients achieve their nutrition goals.

But... not every client needs a meal plan, and not every practitioner wants to create them. That is when recipe books come in handy.

While you might know you can create custom-branded recipe books using That Clean Life, you might not know how to use them. So today, we are sharing some awesome ways you can use recipe books to take your client experience and your business to the next level.

1. Use recipe books to support clients who don't want a meal plan.

Not all clients need a meal plan, but they do need guidance with their nutrition, which is why they have come to you for help.

Customizing a recipe book for your clients is a great way to help them meet their goals. A recipe book offers the same variety as a meal plan but in a less structured way. Knowing that the recipes are approved by you will mean a lot to your clients and is a much better experience than having them search for the recipes on their own.

Recipe books are also great for when you don't want to provide a meal plan. Whether it’s outside of your scope of practice, or you’re running a program that doesn’t need to have a meal plan, recipe books are a great replacement.

2. Use a recipe book to attract new clients.

Recipe books are a great way to attract new clients. Create a recipe book that will add value to your ideal client's life such as “10 Dairy-Free Breakfasts to Heal Your Eczema”, or “7 On-The-Go Lunches for Busy Moms’”. From here, you can turn it into a PDF e-book and use it as an incentive for people to sign up for your mailing list. This will help you build a list full of qualified leads that you can convert into paying clients.

Need help creating an epic lead magnet? Grab our free Lead Magnet Creation Guide here.

3. Use recipe books to re-engage clients who have disappeared.

Do you have a client you haven’t heard from in a while and you’re looking for a way to reconnect with them? Instead of sending an awkward email, reach out to your client and provide value with a short recipe book containing meals that you know they will love. This will show them that you are thinking about them and keep you top of mind.

4. Use recipe books as client gifts.

Whether it is a client's birthday or a special holiday, why not give the gift of recipes? Create a recipe book full of personalized or holiday-themed recipes and send it with a sweet greeting. It’s a nice little bonus to brighten your client's day and really shows you care.

5. Use recipe books to support clients with dietary restrictions.

Recipe books are a great way to prove to clients that eating with restrictions doesn't need to be bland or boring. Put together a book full of delicious recipes that they can actually eat. This will make their lives so much easier and they will be so grateful for it. Be sure to use our filters to make finding the perfect recipes a breeze.

What kind of recipe books have you created to surprise and delight your clients? Let us know in the comments below!

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