That Clean Life for Business Tip: Creating Personalized Cookbooks

That Clean Life for Business Tip: Creating Personalized Cookbooks

You daydream about ways to make your services even more amazing so that your clients will walk away feeling educated and empowered.

You want to make more money so you can live an amazing, fulfilling life outside of work and bring 100% good vibes to your sessions.

You want to have the happiest, healthiest clients ever.

Does this sound like you?

We thought so! That’s why today we are sharing a super simple hack for That Clean Life for Business members. This tip will add huge value to your client sessions without adding much to your own workload.

Creating Personalized Cookbooks

With That Clean Life for Business, it’s super easy to create gorgeous, professional looking e-cookbooks that will impress your clients and increase the value of your sessions (with less than 10 minutes of work on your end).

Here’s how:

Step 1: From your Planner, create a new meal plan by clicking New.

Step 2: Name your recipe book (Ex: Anti-Candida Recipes, Ketogenic Dinner Ideas, High Protein Breakfasts, etc.)

Step 3: Add the recipes you want to include in the cookbook onto the Planner. The order or location doesn’t matter.

Step 4: Once you have added all of the recipes you want to include in the e-book onto the Planner, click Export.

Step 5: A dialogue will pop up. Since you want to include recipes only, de-select both "Plan" and "List". (It is up to you whether you want to include Notes, Nutrition and/or a cover page.)

Step 6: Click Export to download your book of recipes as a PDF to your computer, or enter in your client's email address and click Email to send the PDF directly to their inbox.

Now you have an amazing PDF resource you can provide to your client. Here are some smart ways to include this as a perk of your services:

  • Include it as a bonus when selling coaching packages or programs
  • Send it as a thoughtful gift to re-connect with clients who haven’t engaged in a while
  • Use it to introduce existing coaching clients to your meal planning services if you just started offering meal planning
  • Encourage clients who eat the same meals constantly to try something new
  • Make difficult protocols more approachable and exciting for clients

Happy recipe book making!

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