5 Reasons Bone Broth is Awesome

In case you missed the memo, our very first Paleo meal plan was released last weekend on That Clean Life! We’re working through the meal plan as a community starting Monday March 23. We provide you with the meal plan, grocery list and recipes and it is up to you to follow along, eat... Read more

Warm Winter Buddha Bowl

If there is one thing I love to make it’s bowls. Bowls for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All day, everyday. They are just so easy to throw together and can pack a mean nutritional punch when done right. “Buddha Bowls” are basically just bowls made up of veggie scraps - whatever you’ve got... Read more

Our Top 5 Pre Workout Snacks

What you put into your body before you hit the gym can make or break your workout. It can also make or break your post-workout recovery. Here’s a list of our favourite pre-workout snacks and why they are awesome: #1.Green Apple Cinnamon Protein Smoothie Our original Green Apple Cinnamon Smoothie recipe is delicious... Read more

The Benefits of That Paleo Life

Here at That Clean Life, we don’t believe that one type of diet is the only answer to good health. We aren’t strictly vegan, vegetarian, paleo or Mediterranean. Instead, we believe that there are benefits to all of these diets and as long as you are eating whole, real food… you are doing... Read more

Crock Pot Burrito Soup

Today we’re sharing one of my favourite recipes from That Clean Life. Yup, Crockpot Burrito Soup. It’s the very first TCL crockpot recipe and does not disappoint. It’s easy to prep, yields 6 servings and is oh, so very, very good. For a brown rice alternative, I find an equal substitution of... Read more

How to Eat More Protein

When we think about protein, we tend to think about animal sources like chicken and steak. But there are so many other ways to get your protein fix. When you see this breakfast, you might think, "Eggs. Protein". But look harder! Kale contains 2.5 grams of protein per cup and mushrooms contain 5 grams... Read more

What it Really Means to Eat Clean

Clean eating is a pretty broad term and everyone looks at it a bit differently. So today we want to discuss what clean eating means to us here at That Clean Life. Let’s start with what eating clean is NOT: Eating clean is not a fad diet, cleanse or a detox. It’s not... Read more

That Clean Life Demo

Psssssst! Hey you! Want a special glimpse inside of That Clean Life? We've made this demo video to give you the full tour of That Clean Life. Come eat clean and feel awesome with our incredible community. That Clean Life Demo from That Clean Life on Vimeo.... Read more