Guilt-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches

One of the things I look forward to when we have children of our own is creating fun memories around food. (I know, every parent is currently rolling their eyes, if not in response to my naivety then to avert their gaze from the mashed peas currently wedged in their toddler's nostrils.) Among my favourite... Read more

Guide to Healthy Camping: Food Packing Hacks

Have you ever felt like you forgot something while packing for a trip? Or that despite winning as person with the most stuff, there's the feeling you've left something crucial? Or that you always need to bring just about everything you own because, well, just in case? I'm totally guilty, and proud (so you needed... Read more

Introducing Our Free Membership

About 6 months ago, we launched the That Clean Life platform to help you discover delicious, healthy recipes, plan your meals, automate your grocery list and stay motivated. Many of you have said to us, "We love what this is all about but would love to try it out before we commit to buying!" We... Read more

How I Prep Food Every Weekend

I used to think I was too busy to cook at home, that I simply didn't have enough time in a day. We often take on more commitments than we can handle, thinking we're bettering ourselves in the end and taking pride in our ability to do it all. But really, few things take priority... Read more

DIY Kitchen Cleaners You Can Make at Home

We're sharing some recipes in the kitchen today but they're not for our beloved tummies. Instead, we're whipping up homemade cleaners using just a few natural and inexpensive ingredients, some of which may already be in your pantry! Not only are we keeping the kitchen clean, we're making sure it's safe for ourselves, children, pets... Read more

Watermelon Cake. Wait, what?

It's true. We're transforming watermelons into cake over here. This is hands-down the most refreshing, guilt-free cake you'll ever eat. It involves two key ingredients and takes about 30 minutes to assemble. Um, hello summer barbecues! Simply cut the watermelon into the shape of a cake and smother it with, you guessed it, Whipped Coconut... Read more

How to Make Whipped Coconut Cream

In case you didn't know, I am a strong proponent of whipped coconut cream. What's not to love about a dairy-free version of fluffy, creamy, decadent goodness? It's light, spreadable and even rather refreshing (I said it). For a little treat, add a dollop to your smoothie, that one-ingredient banana ice cream, muffin, a shoe,... Read more