Fitness: Quick and Efficient Arm Workout

Fitness: Quick and Efficient Arm Workout

We love a good real time workout! While heading to a workout class is super motivating, it’s not always feasible. The timing is often off. Not to mention, the cost of workouts seem to be getting higher and higher. Throwing on a (free) real-time workout from YouTube saves time and money. That’s why Sarah Dussault’s new Jessica Simpson Wedding Day Arm Workout is so awesome. It burns in the best way.

If you are a sucker for tabloids like me, you know Jessica Simpson has received a ton of media attention over the years regarding both her weight gain and loss. The media has no mercy. What I love about this story is that Jessica had an amazing comeback. She worked hard with her trainer, Harley Pasternak, ate right and totally took back her health. Did she have to live in the gym to achieve her goals? Nope. She simply worked out efficiently and effectively. Pasternak preaches 25 minute workouts, 5 times per week with a focus on strength training. Doable? Yes.

This is a perfect place to start. Grab a jump rope or hop on the treadmill for 15 minutes and follow it up with this 10 minute upper body workout. Just put in 25 minutes and you are done for the day.

But remember! Whether you spend 25 minutes in the gym or 5 hours in the gym, you won’t see results unless you are eating right. In fact, diet trumps exercise (but more on this another day). So login to That Clean Life and get a healthy meal plan in action first!

Here's the workout. Now grab those dumbbells and get at it!


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