Why You Need "Dump Dinners" In Your Life

Why You Need "Dump Dinners" In Your Life

No, I'm not talking about kitchen failures that end up in the trash. Dump dinners will save your life when you need them most.

Okay, that's a bit dramatic. But they're perfect for a weekend at the cottage or helping your kids head off to college. They're perfect for new mamas, sick friends and just for when you're feeling low and lazy. So...

What the heck's a dump dinner?

Freezer meal planning at its finest. A dump dinner is a crock pot recipe you've prepared ahead of time in the freezer. As the name suggests, all you have to do for dinner is: 1) dump it in the slow cooker and, 2) wait for it to cook.

Dump Dinners

Crock pot recipes aren't just easy to cook, they also tend to be easy to prep for. I highly recommend throwing together a bunch of dump dinners all at once. That way you can optimize the efficiency of all your veggie chopping, spice tossing and meat handling. I was able to put together 6 recipes in just over an hour! Also, how fun would a "dump dinner party" be? Check out our Crock Pot Party and Snack Swap to see what I'm talking about!

Why dump dinners are awesome:

  • It's the perfect solution for when life gets busy
  • You cut down on prep work BIG TIME
  • Save money by buying ingredients in bulk
  • Crock pot recipes yield so many servings
  • There's nothing easier in life

Dump Dinners Tip: Label your meals with the recipe name, any extra ingredients to add, cooking time and serving size.

What You Need:

  • Heavy duty freezer-safe ziplock bags
  • Permanent marker
  • Crock pot recipes
  • All your recipe ingredients
  • Space in your freezer

Dump Dinners Tip: Spread out the contents of your bag so it freezes flat and saves you freezer space.

Perfect TCL Recipes for Dumping:

Dump Dinners

Add Crock Pot Burrito Soup to your meal plan here

Do you have any major life events coming up or just need easy meals on hand? Have you ever tried or even heard of dump dinners?! Share your comments below!


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