This Nutritionist is Transforming Lives. Meet Viktoria Jones of Solji Nutrition.

This is how she helps her clients achieve amazing transformations over time.

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Meet That Clean Life Member, Viktoria Jones: a Holistic Nutritionist, wellness advocate and owner of Solji Nutrition, which provides online holistic eating and weight loss coaching with powerful, personalized, step-by-step programs that transform health goals into permanent changes.

"I educate women on how to listen to their bodies, overcome cravings and identify poor behaviour patterns that have been sabotaging their weight loss efforts. This knowledge, in conjunction with nutritious food, a balanced diet, weekly accountability and ongoing support, can give them what they need to make permanent changes."

Viktoria Jones, Solji Nutrition

Viktoria's work is built upon five core beliefs:

  1. Every individual has the power within them to make positive, long lasting changes.
  2. Healthy food should taste as good as it makes you feel.
  3. Putting yourself first.
  4. Understanding your body, and knowing how to correctly take care of it.
  5. Each person is biochemically unique.

Viktoria wholeheartedly believes that no matter what your story is, change needs to start on the inside before changes are noticed on the outside. She explains that when you love yourself, you take the time to sleep enough, eat the right foods, exercise and practice a positive dialogue with yourself. When you put yourself first, everything in your life will benefit and in turn, benefit those around you.

"Your weight does not define your worth. Loving yourself for who you are today will teach you that you are worthy of love exactly how you are."

Viktoria works with anyone who has a desire to change. She's not into quick fixes, but rather teaches how to implement positive lifestyle habits with consistent efforts. This is how she helps her clients achieve amazing transformations over time.

"When you make health changes, not because you want to be someone else or measure up to someone else’s expectations, but because you love yourself and want to be the best version of yourself, the changes are easy to make. The changes become permanent and the results come effortlessly."

As a Holistic Nutritionist, Viktoria recognizes that each and every one of her clients is biochemically unique. What works for one person, might not work for another. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. She looks at each person individually, focusing not only on nutrition and physical health, but also on emotional, mental and spiritual factors.

Viktoria uses That Clean Life to support her clients and develop personalized resources that will help them reach their goals in a way that works for their unique needs and lifestyle.

"I knew that I wanted to spend my time working one-on-one with clients, not only educating them on nutrition and health, but also supporting and coaching them each step of the way. That Clean Life gave me the freedom to create delicious meal plans for my clients without having to spend hours upon hours developing them myself."

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Viktoria's focus with Solji Nutrition is to help her clients reach their weight loss goals, without them having to worry about counting calories or measuring out food at each meal. That Clean Life for Business gives her the ability to customize each meal plan with exact macronutrient information to make the journey much easier for her clients.

Viktoria has developed a signature program, Lose It In 6. She is also currently working on providing her clients with an ongoing weekly subscription to healthy, ready to go meal plans.

Viktoria Jones, Solji Nutrition

All of Viktoria's consultations and weight loss programs are available online, in person or by telephone correspondence. To learn more about working with Viktoria, visit her at Solji Nutrition, or follow along with her on Instagram and Facebook.

This is how she helps her clients achieve amazing transformations over time.