Better Together: That Clean Life Joins Forces with Practice Better

By integrating our powerful platforms, our teams and our communities, That Clean Life and Practice Better will become the all-in-one platform and community of choice for health and wellness professionals.

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Abigail Keeso, RN Abigail Keeso, RN
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We are bursting at the seams with excitement because today we finally get to share our big news with you: That Clean Life has been acquired by Practice Better!

This acquisition grew from a longstanding partnership, a common mission, and the needs of our mutual customers. Over the years, our customers have consistently told us that they would love for That Clean Life to integrate with Practice Better, or for us to include practice management features like billing, charting, scheduling and more. At the same time, Practice Better's customers have been asking for nutrition planning features and an easier way to integrate their nutrition plans from That Clean Life into Practice Better.

As we chatted with our customers and listened to their feedback, one thing became clear: Practice Better and That Clean Life would be better together.

By integrating our powerful platforms, our teams and our communities, we will be even better positioned to empower our community of health and wellness professionals to help more clients live better lives.

What is Practice Better?

We've been referring our customers to Practice Better for years, so many of you already know and love the platform. But for those of you who don't, let us bring you up to speed.

Practice Better is a leading all-in-one practice management platform, built to fuel the success of health and wellness professionals and their clients. This powerful practitioner platform offers billing, charting, scheduling, telehealth, client communication, and so much more. Practice Better simplifies and strengthens how health and wellness professionals run their businesses so they have more time to focus on their purpose of impacting more people to live better lives.

Just like That Clean Life, Practice Better was born out of a personal need. Co-founder Nathalie Garcia was working as a holistic nutritionist and wanted to help as many people as possible. She needed an easier way to handle all the recurring tasks that went along with working with clients like scheduling, billing, and notetaking, as well as keeping clients engaged and accountable between sessions. When she found that the solution she was searching for didn't exist, she and her partner, Graeme Downes, created Practice Better.

We deeply admire the product, team and community they have built in such a short time. Together, Practice Better and That Clean Life serve over 15,000 customers in 70+ countries across the globe.

What happens to That Clean Life’s team?

The entire That Clean Life team has taken on key roles at Practice Better, which means the same folks that support you and the product now will continue to do so with no disruption.

We are so grateful for our incredible team and are beyond excited to continue on this journey together.

What happens to That Clean Life?

That Clean Life will remain available as a stand-alone product like it has been until now, with the added support and resources that Practice Better can offer.

In terms of the product, we have two main priorities to start:

  1. Release a new, more accessible That Clean Life Starter plan. Many of our customers have been asking for this — and we promise to deliver! The current plan that many of you know and love will not be changing, so if you are happy with your current plan, you’re all set! But if you're looking for a more streamlined feature set at a lower price, it's here!
  2. Integrate That Clean Life into Practice Better. This will allow you to create nutrition plans right from within Practice Better and your clients can follow your nutrition recommendations from within their Client Portal. Building a powerful all-in-one platform is always a top request from both of our existing customers. We know the efficiencies and time saved will have an incredible impact on our community of health and wellness professionals and their client outcomes. As we move forward together, we will continue to build for both the practitioner and the clients.

While these are our immediate plans, this is truly just the beginning.

Join our community.

We’ve got big ambitions and this partnership opens up a world of exciting opportunities for our community of health and wellness professionals. We’d love to invite you to be a part of it.

From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to say thank you for believing in us and supporting us, whether you are a customer of That Clean Life or have been cheering us on from the sidelines. We are so excited about what lies ahead and can't wait to take you along for this next part of our ride!

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