That Clean Life Action Plan: A Simple Plan To Start Growing Your Nutrition Business Today

That Clean Life Action Plan: A Simple Plan To Start Growing Your Nutrition Business Today

Being a member of That Clean Life for Business goes far beyond meal planning. When used properly, That Clean Life for Business is a tool that can help you attract new clients, create an incredible client experience and see massive business growth that you could never achieve on your own.

But here's the thing: That Clean Life for Business won't work unless you do. So today, we're showing you exactly how you can use That Clean Life to take your business to the next level. If you are ready to put in the work, then we are ready to show you the way!

This action plan is broken down into three sections:

  • Section #1: How to Use That Clean Life to Attract New Clients
  • Section #2: How to Use That Clean Life to Create an Incredible Client Experience
  • Section #3: How to Use That Clean Life to Accelerate Your Business Growth

This action plan is designed and organized to help you move your business forward regardless of where you are currently at. We're super excited to work with you on this, so let's get right into it!

Section #1: How to Use That Clean Life to Attract New Clients

Create an awesome lead magnet.

Hustling to get new clients day-after-day is not fun. But having a lead magnet that is automatically attracting clients for you is, and you can totally use That Clean Life to create a high-converting lead magnet that will continuously build your email list full of your ideal clients.

A lead magnet is an enticing, valuable piece of content that you will send your ideal client when they sign up for your mailing list. Your lead magnet could a be a three-day meal plan or a short curated book of recipes that solves a problem or a pain point that your ideal clients are experiencing.

Your lead magnet should deliver a quick win, build trust and show people how you can help them. Your audience needs to get to know, like and trust you before they are ready to buy from you, and a lead magnet can help.

Check out some examples of awesome lead magnets that Nutritionists are using here.

When you are a member of That Clean Life for Business, you don't have to worry about developing recipes, doing the photography and hiring a graphic designer to create your lead magnet. We give you all the tools and resources you need to create a lead magnet that people will actually sign up for.

Watch a Demo

Here's how to get started on creating and setting up a lead magnet:

  • Log in to That Clean Life and create a short meal plan or a curated recipe book with our beautiful, simple recipes.
  • Export the resource as a PDF and we'll automatically apply your custom branding.
  • Upload the PDF to your email marketing platform of choice so that when someone joins your list they will instantly receive an email with the lead magnet attached.
  • Boom! Prepare to generate new leads for your business while you sleep.

Once you have your lead magnet set up, be sure to constantly promote it! The more people who download your lead magnet, the bigger your list of potential clients will grow.

Click here for a checklist of all the places you should promote your lead magnet.

Once you have a lead magnet up and running, you need to start nourishing the leads on your list. The best way to do this is with a weekly newsletter.

Check out our step-by-step guide to writing an awesome weekly newsletter that converts here.

2. Give a free talk.

If you need to start booking new clients right now, get out and give a free talk. Yep, we're asking you to break through the fear and put yourself out there. You can do it, and you will be so glad you did!

Giving a free talk will help you create new connections, develop trust and prove that you are a nutrition expert. The goal of your free talk is to get in front of people who have a problem you can help solve, so your topic should be something specific like “Beat the Bloat” or “Nutrition for Pain-Free Periods.”

Use That Clean Life for Business to create branded resources like recipes or sample nutrition plans, which you can hand out to participants at your free talk to help them implement what they have learned. For example, if you are giving a talk on post-workout nutrition, log in to That Clean Life, export a great post-workout smoothie recipe with your branding and hand it out to the attendees of your free talk. They will think of you everytime they refer to it! It is all about staying top of mind.

At the end of your free talk, be sure to tell people about your services or any upcoming programs you are running so they know what it is you offer and how they can continue to work with you. You may even want to offer an exclusive limited time bonus or discount to those who decide to book an appointment with you after your free talk. This will give them a great incentive to take action ASAP.

Learn more about how (and where) to give a free talk that converts attendees into paying clients here.

3. Run a free challenge.

Running a free challenge is a great way to attract new clients, as it helps people to get a better sense of who you are, what you offer and how you can help them - without having to pull out their wallet.

Usually, free challenges are a lot of work to put together. But not when you are a member of That Clean Life for Business! You can use the platform to create a beautiful five-day challenge including a meal plan, grocery list, recipes, and a prep guide. Export the program as a PDF with your custom branding, send it to your registrants and prepare to lead them through it. You could even create a recipe book to run something like a smoothie challenge, or a healthy snack challenge.

Again, at the end of your free challenge - you will want to present a limited time offer to everyone who participates so that they have an incentive to convert into paying clients. For example, you could offer a limited time discount to those who sign up for your upcoming four-week program, or a limited time bonus offer of a customized meal plan for those who sign up to work with you one-on-one after the free challenge.

We have seen members of That Clean Life earn back their membership investment plus more by running just one free challenge, so we know how powerful this tactic can be for business growth!

Here's how to run a challenge that will convert participants into paying clients.

Section #2: How to Use That Clean Life to Create an Amazing Client Experience

Add customized meal planning to your list of services.

That Clean Life for Business gives you the power to created customized meal plans for clients, without having to spend hours on it. So be sure to add this to your list of services!

When a client comes to you for a consult, you can offer them a custom meal plan based on your recommendations and their unique needs. Whether your client needs an autoimmune paleo diet, a low FODMAP menu, or a sugar-free reset you can create one that is simple and delicious using That Clean Life.

Offering a customized meal plan with recipes and a grocery list is a much better experience than giving your client verbal advice and hoping they figure out the rest on their own. A customized meal plan gives them a roadmap which they can follow to achieve the results they are hoping for. A successful client is the most powerful sales and marketing tool you will ever have!

Spend some time figuring out how meal planning will fit into your different package options, and what you will charge for it.

Download our free Meal Planning Assessment Tool here, and use it to collect the information you need to create meal plans that your clients will actually love to follow!

Teach your clients how to do their own meal planning with meal planning guides.

You probably already know that not every client will need a meal plan. In this case, you can teach your client how to do their own meal planning, and you can use That Clean Life to help you do this!

See how to create meal planning guides for your clients here.

Re-engage clients and leads that have fallen off.

If you’ve been in practice for a while, chances are that you have experienced at least a few clients who have ghosted you along the way. Maybe they were overwhelmed, went on a holiday and never seemed to return or booked a discovery call then canceled without rescheduling.

When this happens, use your That Clean Life for Business membership to create a thoughtful gift and use it to reconnect. Here are some ideas:

  • A small collection of nut-free snack recipes for a parent of a child with nut allergies
  • A 3-day meal prep plan for a busy professional
  • Three sugar-free desserts for a client who was coming to you for help with Diabetes management
  • A healthy cupcake recipe for a client who has a birthday coming up.

Email your client a note with the gift attached. Simply let them know you were thinking of them. Tell them that you've attached something you think they would enjoy and that you would love to see them soon. Sending a short note with a thoughtful gift is a tiny gesture that will let them know you care, and it will keep you top-of-mind for when they are ready.

Section #3: How to Use That Clean Life to Accelerate Your Business Growth

Run a group nutrition program

Running a group nutrition program can be a huge game-changer for your business. Group programs allow you to work with more people in less time. This means you are no longer limited by how many clients you can see per day!

One of the most difficult parts of running a group program is actually creating the materials for it. But being a member of That Clean Life for Business means you can quickly generate weekly meal plans with grocery lists and recipes that can guide your participants through the program and help them achieve the transformation your program is offering.

We asked some really successful nutritionists who have had success with group programs to share their experiences and insights. You can read their advice here.

Offer a high-end program.

If you’re ready to become the nutrition expert in a specific niche, a high-end program will help you do that.

A high-end program offers a super supportive VIP experience that will totally transform someone's health. It should be targeted to a specific type of person with a very specific problem. The program is longer-term and provides constant contact and personalized support from you.

When you are a member of That Clean Life for Business, you can easily create and customize highly effective nutrition resources for those who sign up for your high-end program.

Check out this guide for what to include in your high-end program.

Start a membership site

This is the last task on our action plan for a reason. Launching a membership site is not something you should do early on in your business, but it is something to add later on in order to scale. First work on building your experience, clientele, and community before you even think about recurring revenue.

Once you have mastered the art of graduating happy successful clients, and once you have formed a strong community around your brand, you may want to think of creating a membership site to increase the lifetime value of your clients and keep them engaged for a longer period of time.

One of our amazing members shared exactly how she uses That Clean Life to run a successful membership site. You can read her inspiring story here.

And there you have it! A simple plan to start growing your nutrition business by using That Clean Life for Business.

That Clean Life for Business is about so much more than meal planning. It's a tool that you can use to grow your business every step of the way. And remember: We are always here to help, so reach out to us with your questions any time.

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We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.


We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.