How This Dietitian Creates Meal Plans for Clients Based on Their DNA with Amanda Archibald, RD

The era of cookie-cutter diets has come and gone, and we couldn't be happier about it! Out with the dogmatic, one-size-fits-all approach and in with highly personalized nutrition recommendations. Today’s nutrition clients are looking for solutions that take into account their biochemical individuality, preferences and lifestyle needs, and even their unique genetic makeup. That's... Read more

How to Use Clinical Testing in Your Nutrition Practice

Personalized nutrition is the healthcare of the future. As more research shows how genetics and microbiome differences between individuals impact their nutritional needs, consumers are seeking more custom solutions. This is great news for nutrition professionals who are offering a more individualized approach to health. By helping clients understand their unique needs and how to... Read more

How to Hire an Assistant for Your Nutrition Practice

Hiring an assistant can be a tricky task for health professionals. Unlike product-based businesses where you can teach employees how to make something, service-based businesses are harder to onboard employees into. The sensitive nature of the work health professionals do makes it even more complicated. We chatted with a few health professionals who were interested... Read more