4 Ways to Re-Engage Long Lost Clients

You’ve just completed what you think was a wonderful intake appointment with a brand new client and you’ve instructed them to follow up with you in two weeks. Then before you know it, several weeks have passed and you still haven't heard from them. In your nutrition business, clients will come and go.... Read more

3 Tips to Make Your Nutrition Practice More Accessible

Accessibility. “The quality of being easy to obtain or use.” When applied to nutrition services, accessibility means your offerings, whether online or otherwise, are available to those who need them. When you improve the inclusivity and accessibility of your services, you include many people in marginalized communities who are often overlooked when it comes to... Read more

How to Create Evidence-Based Nutrition Plans

Research shows that meal planning helps clients follow nutrition guidelines, eat a variety of foods, and stay on track with their health and fitness goals. Meal planning is even more effective when practitioners also empower their clients with knowledge of their unique nutrition needs. There are many reasons why clients don’t follow nutrition plans... Read more