The Power of Integration: How That Clean Life and Practice Better Deliver More Coordinated Care

If you’ve ever wondered how to build a successful nutrition practice using the latest practice management software and nutrition planning tools, look no further than the Endurance Edge team.

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Building a successful nutrition and coaching practice is something the Endurance Edge team can talk about for hours. And miles. And lots of reps.

Endurance Edge is a leading sports nutrition and coaching practice that helps athletes improve their performance and reach their goals with expert guidance. Their team of 12 sports coaches, dietitians, and exercise physiologists offer a variety of services, including personalized nutrition counseling, performance coaching, group coaching, and metabolic and sweat testing.

The key to coordinating all this athletic care and earning their clients’ loyalty and love has been the powerful integration of That Clean Life and Practice Better. With these two tools combined, they’re able to offer their clients clear and consistent communication, customized meal plans, and training and recovery plans tailored to their specific needs.

The integration is designed to power efficient and effective client management, which means Endurance Edge athletes get the best support in training and competition. 

We talked to Chris Newport, MS, RDN, LDN, EP, CISSN, and founder of Endurance Edge, about how she found her all-in-one solution through That Clean Life's integration with Practice Better, and built a successful practice that helps her clients reach their own peak performance, every day.


Finding An All-In-One Solution

Many nutrition practices are looking for powerful tech that can streamline their workflow. There’s certainly no shortage of point solutions out there. But finding an all-in-one solution can be challenging, one that includes the ability to manage your booking, charting, billing, meal plans, messaging, and food logging — all in one place.

Before using Practice Better, Chris says the practice management software they were using wasn’t HIPAA compliant, didn’t have the forms they needed, and wasn’t set up for billing. As the practice grew, Endurance Edge needed scheduling and billing automation, HIPAA-compliant messaging, and food journaling capabilities. They also wanted to find a highly customizable system that they could tailor to meet their client population's unique needs.

The Endurance Edge team has found an ideal solution to their practice management software needs by seamlessly integrating That Clean Life with Practice Better. This integration allows the team to collaborate more effectively, helps to foster a sense of community among group participants, and enables them to offer personalized recipes and meal plans that their clients love. 

Team Collaboration

At Endurance Edge, team collaboration is one of the core values, and Chris explains how this principle can help clients get the fastest results possible.

For example, Endurance Edge has a VIP athlete program for people who want certain services, including personalized coaching, comprehensive nutritional guidance, and performance monitoring, all coordinated by a dedicated team of experts, including coaches, exercise physiologists, and dietitians.

By collaborating in their Practice Better Team Plan, these experts can maximize an athlete's potential and help deliver the fastest results possible. She says “our clients are happy because they’re making so much progress so quickly.” 

Endurance Edge's commitment to effective team collaboration has significantly contributed to high client retention and longevity. By encouraging a cohesive environment where coaches, dietitians, and other specialists work smoothly together, clients get well-rounded, personalized care that addresses all aspects of their performance and well-being.

Building Community

The community chat feature offered in Practice Better has played an important role in fostering a sense of camaraderie for Endurance Edge’s clients. Chris says that in their group coaching program, “people like to cheer each other on and ask questions,” and that’s been excellent for driving higher client retention.

She explains how the community chat feature enables her to release modules and send automations to check in with group participants. That way, she can assess where clients are and find out more precisely, and in real time, how she can help.

Creating Recipes and Meal Plans

Clients love recipes and meal plans, however, practitioners don’t necessarily love creating them. This is where That Clean Life comes into play.

Chris uses the recipe filters in That Clean Life to find and recommend meals that align with Endurance Edge's client population's specific dietary preferences and nutritional needs.

For example, Endurance Edge offers a digital download that includes what to eat before, during, and after running. Chris uses the recipe filter feature to find higher-carbohydrate foods like oats, on-the-go foods like chia seeds or puddings, and post-workout recipes that offer a healthy, well-rounded meal to optimize recovery.

Chris notes that many endurance athletes they work with may not meet their protein needs. So she uses the recipe filter to find higher-protein meals and snacks. She can then share these recipes with her clients easily and securely. She says they love the convenience and variety of delicious, nutritionally balanced options that support their fitness and performance goals.

Sending these recipes takes the guesswork out of counting macronutrients. Because as Chris points out, “we don’t eat macronutrients, we eat food.”

Endurance Edge also emphasizes the importance of cruciferous vegetable intake for their client population. So they use That Clean Life’s recipe filter to filter recipes for broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts.

As they continue to offer genetic testing, they’ve found that quite a few of their clients have the ApoE gene, a genetic variant associated with an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Endurance Edge can filter red meat-free recipes for that population and offer alternatives like chicken, fish, and various vegetables.

How Endurance Edge Uses That Clean Life's Integration with Practice Better

Endurance Edge uses That Clean Life's Integration with Practice Better to streamline their operations, helping to enhance the client experience. These tech tools optimize workflows and support their programs and protocols, making it easier for the team to collaborate effectively.   

Enhancing the Client Experience

The client experience is the foundation of your practice's success. Chris emphasizes how integrating That Clean Life and Practice Better has enhanced the client experience, leading to impressive client retention.

Not only do her clients love receiving recipes, they also love downloading information from That Clean Life, like nutrition facts, planners, and shopping lists. Chris says her clients enjoy the flexibility of the recipes they get from That Clean Life. 

Her clients can also log meals in their Food & Mood Journal to track their nutritional intake and feelings.

Creating Programs

The Endurance Edge team has built a longevity genetic coaching group in Practice Better with over 40 modules and embedded hundreds of recipes and meal plans from That Clean Life.“Having a specific module or a specific topic and being able to attach that to a meal plan or a collection so quickly and simply has been great,” says Chris.

Developing Protocols

It’s easy to embed That Clean Life meal plans and recipes into Practice Better protocols, which streamlines her workflow significantly, says Chris. Relying on a more integrated workflow means she no longer has to navigate between different platforms or download files from various sources.

The Bottom Line

Practice Better and That Clean Life are the secret sauce behind Endurance Edge's thriving practice.

These easy-to-use tech tools streamline operations, allowing the team to create personalized nutrition plans efficiently and maintain effective communication with clients. By integrating these platforms, Endurance Edge streamlines their workflow, delivers exceptional client care, and ensures better outcomes, solidifying their reputation as leaders in the health and wellness space.

If you are already a user of both That Clean Life and Practice Better, you are all set to integrate now. Here's how:

  1. Log in to That Clean Life and grab your token from the integrations tab in your profile.
  2. Log in to Practice Better and use the integrations tab to make the integration with That Clean Life using your token.
  3. Start adding nutrition plans to protocols and programs from within Practice Better. Watch your clients thrive as they can now access their nutrition plans right from within their Practice Better portal and easily log their intake through their Food & Mood Journal.
Get more help with integrating here.