No Office? Here are 5 Professional Places to Meet With Your Clients

No Office? Here are 5 Professional Places to Meet With Your Clients

While having your own office or clinic room is nice, it can be a huge cost commitment that may take away from your business growth. To help you look and feel like the professional that you are, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 places you can meet with your clients when you don’t have an official office space.

Remember that there is no need to apologize or feel self-conscious about using one of these options. In fact, if used correctly they can actually add value to your client sessions.

1. Your Client’s Home

Where to Meet Your Clients When You Have No Office

In-home services are a huge luxury to clients. While the travel will quickly become tedious if you’re seeing multiple clients per day, it’s a great option to get started.

You can easily add value to your professional service by including a complimentary “Pantry Clean-Up” with your first visit. Not only will this excite your client and show them you go above and beyond, but it will also offer you a whole new level of insight into their current diet. Going through the foods they keep at home and discussing better alternatives will undoubtedly help your client see results faster.

2. A Grocery Store

Offering grocery store tours is a great way to meet with clients and have discussions that lead to positive action. You can offer this service as a standalone, or part of an overall wellness package.

During a grocery store tour, ask your client to walk you through their “typical” shopping trip including the staples they buy. Teach them the basics about label reading, show healthier options, and share your favourite brands.

Some grocery stores even have a cafe or sit-down area where you can sit and grab a fresh juice or tea to summarize your session and outline next steps.

3. Online Appointments

If you’re seeing many clients, and you’re focused on building an online-based business, take advantage of technology to meet with your clients! Skype, Zoom or FaceTime appointments will let you easily book multiple clients per day without running around and burning yourself out.

To create an even better client experience, consider signing up for practice-management software that includes secure video chat. We love Healthie, because it offers this feature along with scheduling, food journaling, and charting.

4. Healthy Cafes or Juice Bars

Where to Meet Your Client When You Have No Office

Meeting with your client in a cute café that sells organic matcha lattes or cold-pressed juice can be a fun experience for them. Arrive early and order some healthy treats to share while you discuss their wellness plan.

Make sure you scope out the place in advance. You will want to choose a spot with enough background noise to allow for “private” conversation, yet not too busy that it becomes overwhelmingly noisy.

5. Hourly Office Rentals

Where to Meet Your Clients When You Don't Have an Office

While this option isn’t completely free, it can come in handy during situations when none of the previous options feel appropriate. Renting a private office or an office in a co-working space can range from $20-$50 per hour, which is similar to what you’d be paying at a profit-sharing clinic space.

Easily find and book a space online using a service like thisopenspace or Breather. Or, you can contact local office buildings and see if they offer hourly rentals.

Final Thoughts:

It is completely normal to feel a touch of “imposter syndrome” when you’re starting out, especially if you’re hustling to find a professional meeting space to hold sessions. Remember: your clients need your expertise more than anything! Go above and beyond to provide the absolute best care possible, and they’ll be impressed no matter the setting.

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