Introducing Our 4-Week Low Histamine Diet

Introducing Our 4-Week Low Histamine Diet

We're super excited to be introducing our most highly requested diet type: The Low Histamine Diet.

Over the past few years, we've seen a dramatic increase in requests for low histamine meal plans and recipes. We've spent a lot of time researching this diet and planning on how to best design it for you. We're so excited about what we've developed, including pre-made meal plans and the ability to search for low histamine meals within That Clean Life.

Our 4-Week Low Histamine Diet uses the Histamine Restricted Diet as a framework, which is outlined by Dr. Janice Joneja in her book, The Beginners Guide to Histamine Intolerance (2017). The framework breaks down foods that are safe and foods to avoid, which is what we used to guide us in tagging and choosing meals for this diet. While there are different opinions on what "low histamine" is, from our research, we feel that Dr. Joneja has created a credible and evidence-based framework to follow.

Histamine is a key chemical that is required for our bodies to properly function. However, some people cannot break down histamine efficiently and so it accumulates in the body. This can result in a histamine intolerance, which produces a wide variety of uncomfortable symptoms including itching, hives, swelling, congestion and/or chest pain (Joneja, 2017).

Because histamine can be found in many foods, one of the best ways to treat a histamine intolerance is by following a low histamine diet.

Our 4-Week Low Histamine Diet includes:

  • Four seven-day low histamine meal plans which outline breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks.
  • An itemized grocery list to go with each meal plan.
  • A weekly prep guide designed to help clients follow the plan.
  • Delicious and simple recipes.

All meal plans can be modified according to the client's individual needs and preferences. You can add or remove meals to cater to your client's likes or caloric needs. For example, let's say you wanted to add another snack to increase the calories. Simply head to our recipe gallery, search for low histamine snacks and you will have great options to choose from.

When you are finished customizing the plans, simply export them as a PDF, and we'll apply your business logo and information.

Imagine how happy your clients will be when you take a seemingly restrictive diet and show them how to follow it in a way that is simple and fun. They will love it! And now, you don't have to spend hours creating it.

If meal plans aren't your jam (or your client's jam), no worries. You can also easily create custom-branded low histamine recipe books to help them feel their best.

Log in to That Clean Life and find our 4-Week Low Histamine Diet under the "Programs" tab along with 50+ other pre-made programs.

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Joneja, J. (2017). The Beginner's Guide to Histamine Intolerance (1st ed.). Berrydale Books.


We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.


We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.