The 6 Kitchen Tools We Could Never Live Without

The 6 Kitchen Tools We Could Never Live Without

Our kitchen is our temple. It's where we work, imagine, create and inspire. It is where we dream up our wildest ideas and prepare the food that enables us to live vibrant lives. Our kitchen is our happy place. In fact, Christopher even asked me to marry him in our kitchen!

We are not trained culinary professionals here at That Clean Life. We're people with average cooking skills and just like you, we're usually making it up as we go. But there are a few things in this space that we would hate to live without. So here's a little behind-the-scenes glimpse into what makes our lives a bit easier in the kitchen. Pass this along to your clients if they’re feeling being in the kitchen is exceptionally hard for them.

#1. Wüsthof 7" Santoku Knife

You don't need super expensive knives to make great things happen in the kitchen. But you do need sharp knives (and great safety skills too, obviously). The santoku knife is awesome because it's a multi-purpose tool great for slicing, dicing and mincing. You've probably seen this knife floating around our photos since it's really the only knife we use! Fun fact - those fingerprint-like depressions on the side of the knife are to reduce friction and sticking!

Wüsthof Knives available at Williams & Sonoma

#2. The Rubber Spatula

Top Kitchen Tools - Rubber Spatula

Okay, this may seem obvious but hear us out. This tool has been around for over 100 years but it is still one of the most used tools in our kitchen. I learned from my mother that nothing in a pot, pan, jar or bowl should be left behind when cooking and you wouldn't believe the amount you can salvage with this handy tool. Waste not, want not!

Yellow Polka Dot Rubber Spatula from President's Choice, $2.99

#3. Classic 1L French Press

Top Kitchen Tools - French Press

Boy does this thing ever get a work out around here. So much so that we purchased a second. We've never had a coffee maker and have always used a french press. Deep down, I think it just makes us feel fancy.

Chambord Bodum French Press, $60 from

#4. Large Baking Sheet

Top Kitchen Tools - Baking Sheet

If you are a member of That Clean Life, you know a large baking sheet is a necessity. Anything that can be roasted, we roast! Mostly because we love crispy bits. We know non-stick baking sheets seem wonderful and easy to clean, but non-stick cookware exposes you to harmful chemicals that may be linked to cancer. So we recommend opting for a large stainless steel sheet. They might stain over time but consider it a badge of honour!

Stainless Steel Cookie Sheet, $17.49 from

#5. Cuisinart Blending & Chopping System

Top Kitchen Tools - Cuisinart Blending and Chopping System

You've heard us talk about this one before. It replaced our Magic Bullet over a year ago and has held up against some serious kitchen abuse. It's great for grinding things in small quantities like almond flour, flaxseed, pestos and spices. We consider this the Baby Bear of blenders. Mama Bear is in the background keeping a watchful eye.

Cuisinart Blender Chopper, $99 from Canadian Tire

#6. Vitamix Blender

Best Kitchen Tools - Vitamix

And for anything more heavy-duty, the Rolls-Royce of blenders - The Vitamix. We wanted a Vitamix forever but could never justify the price. But after spending hours fighting with our low-powered blender I couldn't stand being asked one more time, "What smells like burning rubber?" So I took the plunge and have never looked back. It has almost completely replaced our food processor and gets used daily. It has saved me so much time when preparing thicker things like hummus, soups and even baked goods. We also make good use of this handy mesh sack to help make nut milks from scratch and strain smoothies into juices.

What are your favourite kitchen tools that you could never live without?

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We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.


We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.