How to Use a Facebook Group to Grow Your Nutrition Business

How to Use a Facebook Group to Grow Your Nutrition Business

Regardless of whether you love them or hate them, Facebook Groups can be a key tool to grow your nutrition business. They are super powerful when it comes to attracting new clients and building an engaged community.

Today, we are going to show you exactly how to use the power of Facebook Groups to grow your nutrition business with help from an experienced expert, Kathleen Legrys.

Kathleen is the founder of Health Coach Solutions and co-host of The Wellness Business Podcast. Kathleen’s created a super tight-knit community in her Facebook Group, Health Coach Biz Support, and today she is sharing her top five tips to help you do the same.

Tip 1: Use Facebook Groups to Increase Your Visibility

One of the biggest hurdles in promoting your business on social media is overcoming the algorithm. Ultimately, the algorithm means only a fraction of your audience is seeing what you’re putting out there. This is where Facebook Groups come in.

With Facebook page posts, only 1-5% of your followers are seeing them, but in Facebook groups, it’s typical to have 50% - 80% of your members see your post and content. That is a huge difference! Facebook is going to continue to put a strong emphasis on groups because that is where they feel ‘meaningful interactions’ are taking place.

When you create authentic, meaningful connections in your Facebook Group, your chances of being seen will increase. People will get to know the real you, your community will grow and you can become known as the go-to nutrition expert in your niche.

Tip 2: Attract High-Quality Members to Your Group

While visibility is a priority, Kathleen believes we shouldn’t get caught up in the numbers. It is not about the number of people in your group, but rather the quality.

It’s way more important to have a small group of people that love being part of your community than it is to have a group of thousands and thousands of people who don’t participate.

Here's how to attract the right people into your group:

  • Ensure you have a clear, specific group name so that your ideal clients are joining your group rather than random people who don’t have much interest in participating
  • Invite your current email subscribers
  • Post on social media a couple of times a month to invite people to your group. Include who it’s for and what they will get out of it.
  • Include an invitation to your group on the “thank you” page after people sign up for your free offer (lead magnet).
  • Include a link to your group in your Instagram bio (or other social media bios)

Tip 3: Create Meaningful Opportunities to Engage

Once you have attracted the right people into your group, it’s essential to create a space where they feel safe to share and engage with others.

Kathleen offers three powerful ways you can engage the members of your Facebook Group:

  • Do polls in your group from time to time to find out what people want to learn about the most
  • Do live stream videos at least once a month
  • Ask questions, create conversation starters, understand your members' likes, dislikes, challenges, struggles, goals, successes and small wins. The group isn't about you sharing content, but about getting people to open up and share. And have fun doing it!

Tip 4: Use Live Video Within Your Group

Live video can be super powerful in helping you build an engaged community, but many nutrition professionals avoid this strategy because they fear no one will show up.

If the fear of no one showing up has prevented you from doing a Facebook live, listen to this:

Way more people will watch the replay (of your Facebook Live), so it’s totally fine and okay if no one shows up after you hit that “Go Live” button. The sooner you go live, the better, so people can start to get to know you.

Video provides a window into your life that your potential clients don’t get to see through your website or written content. It allows you to connect with people in real-time and they can see your personality shine through.

Video dramatically expedites the know, like, and trust factor. Other than seeing you in real life, there’s just nothing like it. People who know you and trust you, are much more likely to work with you, so adding video as part of your overall marketing strategy is very important if you want to be seen.

Tip 5: Really Commit to It

Just like everything else you do in your business, commitment is key to success. If running a Facebook Group isn’t something you can commit to, then you’re better off to avoid it altogether.

Having a tightknit community is one of the best ways to grow your business, and Facebook groups are perfect for this. But, here’s the thing: it’s critical to have a couple of strategies where you go all in. This is key because it allows you to be consistent and not feel frazzled. While running a Facebook group can be an amazing marketing strategy, it should only be something you take on if you have the time to do it. If you have a group but aren’t committed to it, it’s not going to work.

So, are you ready to start growing your tightknit community now and leverage the power of free Facebook Groups to build your business? Take the leap. You now have everything you need to get started!

Learn more about Kathleen LeGrys and Health Coach Solutions here.

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We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.