How to Sell Your Nutrition Services With a Bonus Offer Instead of a Discount

A discount might seem like a great way to attract clients to sign-up for your nutrition services or programs, but this is not always the case. Here's what to do instead.

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Nutrition professionals are givers by nature.

I know this because I talk to hundreds of That Clean Life members every week. Some of the most common questions I hear from them are related to the fear that they are not giving enough to their clients.

“What can I add to my programs to make them more appealing?”

“Do you think my services are too expensive for what I’m offering?"

And very often:

“Should I offer a discount or early bird price to incentivize sign-ups?”

A discount might seem like a great way to attract clients to sign-up for your program or services, but this is not always the case. Offering discounts can attract price-shoppers, who are unlikely to pay full price in the future and who will happily leave behind you if they find a lower price elsewhere. Even worse, people who require a discount to sign up are often less invested in making changes and can end up being less successful.

Filling your practice with price-sensitive clients will not help you grow a long-lasting, thriving, successful business. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sweeten the deal with a fantastic bonus offer to encourage sign-ups! If you want to offer your clients something irresistible, that will help them achieve their goals, keep reading because we have five amazing bonus offer ideas you can use!

1. A Curated Recipe Collection

A recipe collection that curates amazing recipes that solve a problem for your ideal client is a great bonus offer.

For example, let's say you are running a 21-Day Sugar Detox Program. As a bonus for signing up in the next 48 hours, you could offer a recipe book called The Ultimate Sugar-Free Desserts Recipe Guide.

Or let's say you are promoting your one-on-one services. You could offer a limited time bonus offer of a personalized recipe book where you curate awesome recipes specifically for that person and their unique needs. Your ideal clients will love this personalized and customized attention!

The best part is, recipe collections are easy to put together and share when you have That Clean Life.

2. A Private Coaching Session

If you are running a group program, offering a complimentary one-on-one coaching call as a bonus offer is a great incentive to sign up. Not only will the person get access to your program materials and group coaching, but they will benefit from a more personal, private session with you too.

Clients will be more motivated and successful after a personal check-in with you, and it will give you the chance to address any issues and offer customized solutions.

And hey. If you really impress them during this bonus coaching session, it may even inspire them to sign up for your one-on-one services once the group program ends. Use it as a chance to give your client a taste of what it’s like to work privately with you and leave them wanting more!

3. A Customized Meal Plan

Giving your client a customized meal plan is like giving them a personalized blueprint for success. A meal plan that incorporates all of the changes your client needs to make will make it so much easier for them to take action and reach their goals.

For example, let's say you have a discovery call with an ideal client who is a perfect fit for your services. As a bonus, you could offer them a customized meal plan as an incentive to sign up for your four-visit nutrition coaching package.

While creating personalized meal plans on your own can be a hassle, That Clean Life makes it super simple to search for recipes your client will love and quickly use them to build a full meal plan with an itemized grocery list – all with your custom branding.

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Tip: Before you create a meal plan, ensure your client fills out this Assessment, which will help you create an awesome plan.

4. A Grocery Store Tour

If you are seeing your clients in-person, you could offer a grocery store tour as a bonus offer. Take them on a trip to your favorite grocery store, teach them about label reading, introduce them to your favorite brands and show them how to save money on food.

Offering a complimentary grocery store tour is a great way to get potential clients to sign up for multi-visit packages over a one-off consultation. Not to mention, this session will help you to build a great relationship with your client and will provide them with life-changing education to positiviely change how they shop and eat forever.

5. An In-Kitchen Meal-Prep Session

A meal-prep session is an excellent bonus offer that will help your client overcome issues related to planning and cooking that are holding them back from success. During an in-kitchen meal-prep session, you will teach your client basic food prep and storage techniques that will save them time, stress, and clean-up in the kitchen. Not to mention - they get a head start on healthy eating for the week!

For example, let's say your high end nutrition program actually includes a grocery store tour. As a bonus incentive to sign up, you could offer a free in-kitchen meal-prep session where you will help them use up all the ingredients they bought during this trip and help them prepare some delicious, healthy meals for the week.

Every single one of these bonus offers will allow you to provide added value to your nutrition programs and services without having to discount your hard work. Not only will they incentivize your clients to sign up, but they will also help them be successful. This is way more than a discount alone could ever accomplish!