How to Prepare for Our 21-Day Transformation Program

How to Prepare for Our 21-Day Transformation Program

There are moments when I feel like my typical healthy diet is in need of a refresh. And sometimes, a total revamp. If your holidays were anything like mine, it involved one too many cheat days (like, maybe 7 days in a row). I loved spending time with family and friends over the holidays, but the food-filled frenzy has left me feeling heavy, fatigued and a little "blah".

Have you told yourself that this is the year to get back on track, or start healthier eating habits? Are you looking for ways to eat healthy on a budget? Do you want recipes that are mind-blowingly delicious but still quick and easy to make?

Guys. Welcome to That Clean Life's 21-Day Transformation Program. (choir sings)

The 21-Day Transformation Program

On Monday, January 11, we're starting the year off right with a series of meal plans that include healthy, delicious, affordable and easy-to-make recipes. We're sticking to whole, unprocessed, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free foods to get us feeling our best from the inside out. You'll be equipped with itemized grocery lists and weekly prep guides to help you get started. To help you to the finish line, you'll have full access to a private Facebook support and accountability group.

To learn more about our 21-Day Transformation Program, click here.

Already on board and ready to start?

Here's everything you need to know to get started. This includes a list of all the necessary equipment, tips on making the meal plans work for you, how to stay organized and save even more time and money over these 3 awesome weeks.

What You'll Need: Cooking Equipment

No super fancy equipment is needed here! Just the basics. This is all you need to prepare your delicious dishes throughout the challenge.

  • Cutting Board (large)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Cups
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Chef’s Knife
  • Paring Knife
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Set of Mixing Bowls
  • Blender and/or Food Processor
  • Slow Cooker
  • Parchment Paper
  • Large Skillet
  • Large Frying Pan
  • Large Stock Pot
  • Small Sauce Pot
  • Strainer
  • Baking Sheet
  • Garlic Mincer
  • Microplane Grater or Cheese Grater
  • Saran Wrap

What You'll Need: Food Storage

This is what you’ll need to preserve your leftovers and take meals with you on-the-go. We highly recommend using glass storage containers with lids, like Pyrex.

  • Water Bottle (1 Litre)
  • Snack Size Zip Lock Bags
  • Medium Size Zip Lock Bags
  • 4 Mason Jars (250 - 500 mL)
  • 4 Medium Glass Containers with Lids
  • 4 Small Glass Containers with Lids
  • 4 Small Dressing Containers with Lids

How to Modify the Meal Plans to Suit Your Needs

Recently, we shared some tips on how to get creative and revamp a single recipe multiple ways to accommodate personal preferences and even make a dish kid-friendly. Whether you're cooking for one or the whole family, the beauty of That Clean Life is that you can also modify the program to make it work best for you.

To do this, simply go to the program and click the COPY button. Making a copy of the program allows you to edit the meal plan so you can:

  • Adjust serving size (handy if you're cooking for 1 or even an entire family)
  • Add or Delete meals
  • Move meals to different time slots

How to Get Organized and Stay On Track

  • See No Junk, Eat No Junk: Take this opportunity to clean out your pantry, fridge and freezer of foods that are heavily processed, sugar-laden or expired. If you can't bring yourself to it, hide them! The more access you have to unhealthy foods, the more likely you are to reach for them. Some more helpful tips to make the purge.
  • Consult Your Schedule: Make note of any events that may affect your meals, such as shiftwork, evening classes, dinner out with friends or late hours at the office. Most recipes in the 21-day program will require minimal prep work but plan ahead and modify your plan as needed. If you're heading out, have a say on where to eat or look the menu up ahead of time and consider healthier options.
  • Paperless vs. Pen-and-Paper: These specially designed meal plans along with the itemized grocery lists and prep guides are all ready for you online! But you can decide on how to use this information. All these resources can be downloaded to view offline, printed or emailed to your inbox. Make multiple copies if it helps you stick to the plan better.

I love using the web app but also prefer something offline during my commutes. I jot down the meal plan and any prep notes in my day planner to help stay organized and on track.

  • Do Your Homework! Take some time to really go through the prep guides. It's basically a day-to-day agenda of what to prep and when, tips for grocery shopping, reminders to pack lunch, and everything in between.
  • Join Our Facebook Group: Our #1 priority is to make eating healthy simple and fun and a big part of this is to make sure you have the proper support. In our private Facebook group, you can ask us questions, chat with other members and share all your kitchen triumphs.

Tips to Save Even More Time and Money

The key strategy to saving time and money when it comes to food is meal planning and creating a grocery list. Phew, We got you covered there. Here are more ways to keep costs even lower and free up more time for yourself during our 21-day challenge.

  • Check your pantry, fridge and freezer to see what you already have to avoid buying duplicate ingredients. You can also cut costs and substitute items on the grocery list with leftover ingredients you already have at home.
  • Buy dried beans and cook them at home. They're much cheaper than canned beans. Here's how.
  • "Stretch out" some recipes such as making the soup version of the Curried Chicken Crock Pot Stew. Use the extra servings to replace another meal in the week or freeze for emergency "hangry" situations.
  • Buy in bulk for items such as nuts, seeds, flours, etc.
  • Look for sales or marked down produce. Hey, if carrots are on sale, make carrot soup instead of broccoli soup!
  • Stick with H2O or fruit-infused water. The cost of beverages add up quickly and often hide large amounts of sugar.
  • Try going meatless! Meat usually accounts for the most expensive items on your grocery list. Consider swapping out chicken in a recipe or two for another source of protein like chickpeas, edamame or lentils. Usually this will also shorten your cooking time.

For all those participating in the challenge, LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! Don't forget to share your progress in our private Facebook group or on social media using #thatcleanlife.

Do you have any questions about what you'll need or what to expect in our 21-day Transformation Program? Comment below!

If you're all set to join our 21-day Transformation Program, click here!


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We'll send you a weekly digest of our articles, what we've been reading and That Clean Life updates.