How to Keep the Momentum Going After A Clean Eating Challenge

How to Keep the Momentum Going After A Clean Eating Challenge

Hooray! So you've completed a clean eating challenge. Now what?

Adopting healthy eating habits doesn't happen overnight nor does it happen in a week. So if you're feeling back to square one after completing a clean eating program, that's totally okay. Meal planning takes a bit of brainwork at first but it's a worthwhile skill that improves with time. (Trust me on this one.)

By keeping a few strategies in mind, you can help build on your new skills. Here's how to keep the momentum going after a successful clean eating challenge.

1. Combine your leftovers.

Make a list of your leftover ingredients and see if any of them can be combined into a meal on its own. We love how @ash_keveza used up the rest of her sweet potato and pesto in another round of Fig, Arugula & Goat Cheese Quesadillas.

Keep the Momentum After a Challenge

2. Find recipes that use your leftover ingredients.

Sometimes, you simply aren't feeling creative or you're left with ingredients that just don't seem to go together. With a little help from That Clean Life or Pinterest, you can search by ingredient and find recipes that utilize what you have on hand.

Keep the Momentum After a Challenge

Keep the Momentum After a Challenge

3. Check your freezer.

Did you freeze any leftover meals from the previous week? If so, simply defrost, reheat and revel in the easiest dinner ever.

4. Repeat your favourite recipes.

You can also remake any recipes you enjoyed from the previous week. Making a recipe you're already familiar with can save you a bit of prep time.

Post-Summer Detox Prep

5. Take a break.

Another way to maintain momentum is to actually stop thinking about eating clean for a while, especially if you're new to home cooking. You can't expect to eat clean every single day thereafter. Designate a block of days to take a mental break from meal planning. You'll have greater success if you jump back in feeling refreshed with realistic goals.

6. Arrange a recipe swap.

Double the serving size of one of your recipes and coordinate with a friend to share leftovers. That way, you'll cover two separate meals but only have to cook once! :)

7. Set reminders.

If you're on a break from eating clean, make an appointment with yourself to sit down and meal plan. Remember, it only takes a couple of minutes!

8. Get inspired

Sometimes, all it takes is a little inspiration. Check out what other members are cooking up using #thatcleanlife or try our new weekly recipes. You can also re-make a favourite using modifications recommended by a That Clean Life member.

Keep the Momentum After a Challenge

What is your experience after the Post-Summer Detox challenge? How are you maintaining the clean eating momentum?


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