How I Hosted A Crock Pot Party and Swapped Enough Freezer Meals for Winter

How I Hosted A Crock Pot Party and Swapped Enough Freezer Meals for Winter

What's a Crock Pot Party?

This past weekend I invited some friends over for a crock pot party. A what? Okay, guys, listen.

A crock pot party is like a potluck but way more awesome. Each guest brings a double-serving of their favourite crock pot recipe. The only other criteria is that the recipe should be freezer-friendly. After a generous sampling of each dish, we each pack up the leftovers to take home and freeze for desperate times.

TEN minutes to prep ONE recipe and get several servings of multiple meals in return? And partying with your best friends? Yes please.

Crock Pot Party

For our crock pot party, I decided to make two of my favourite That Clean Life recipes: Curried Chicken Crock Pot Soup and Creamy Carrot Soup.

Curried Chicken Crock Pot Stew (Soup version)

Crock Pot Party Add this recipe to your meal planner!

We can't get over this hearty, delicious chicken stew (find the recipe on our blog!). I love the soup version which can easily be made by doubling the broth and spices, and I like to add a can of lentils. Full of immunity boosting ingredients, this recipe is perfect for winter!

Creamy Carrot Soup

Crock Pot Party Add this recipe to your meal planner!

One of my old-time faves, this carrot soup was a no-brainer when I saw carrots were on sale. I tripled the recipe (24 carrots!) and made this on the stovetop but the recipe could also be made in a slow cooker.

Crock Pot Party

Why throw a Crock Pot Party?

  • Save time by cooking once and swapping meals: You only have to cook one recipe in exchange for multiple dishes. Luckily, most crock pot recipes require next to no prep work to begin with! And compared to hosting a full dinner party, this event is a breeze to prepare for.
  • Save money through bulk shopping: Because we doubled the servings of each recipe, this required more of the same ingredients (sometimes way more). You can also check which items are on sale or offer the most "points" to determine your recipes. Carrots were on sale so I quickly hoarded several bags worth and added carrot soup to the menu.
  • Make meal planning easier: Keeping your freezer stocked with ready-to-go meals can be a lifesaver when you don't have time or energy to cook. It can mean the difference between having a healthy meal at home versus takeout or delivery which can also add up costs.
  • Have fun with your besties: A crock pot party is a pretty awesome excuse to hang out with your favourite people. There's also something fun and humourous about making a disproportionate amount of food for the number of guests actually in attendance.

Crock Pot Party

  • Try new recipes: To add to the fun, we shared a copy of each other's recipes. Pot lucks in general are a great way to taste dishes you've never tried before.
  • Save money using crock pot recipes: Crock pot recipes typically involve less expensive or fewer ingredients (or can be modified accordingly). Consider using less meat, or swapping out meat for more affordable protein sources like chickpeas, lentils or other beans. The beauty of slow cooking is that it allows the opportunity for intense flavours to develop. For instance, with chicken bones, water and a few vegetables, you end up with a deep, rich bone broth.
  • Practice big-batch cooking: Doubling a recipe is an easy way of getting more bang for your buck. You're doing the work anyway, why not double the results? One thing I came away with was the realization I should be doing this more often!

Crock Pot Party

What you need to host a crock pot party:

  • Your favourite crock pot recipe(s)
  • Freezer-safe storage containers
  • A funnel (if storing in mason jars)
  • Labels (or masking tape and permanent marker)
  • Freezer space
  • Recipe cards (optional)
  • Friends

What your guests need to bring:

  • Their favourite crock pot recipe!
  • Freezer-safe storage containers
  • A copy of their recipe (optional)

Since all meals were kept warm in their respective crock pots, we weren't worried of anything spoiling en route home. If you plan on throwing a "freezer meal party" where raw food is involved, you should definitely consider proper storage solutions such as coolers and ice packs.

Do you have any big-batch cooking secrets or go-to crock pot recipes? Have you ever thought of hosting a crock pot party?! Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to share any of your creations with us using #thatcleanlife!


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