How to Triple Your Lead Magnet Downloads in a Month

How to Triple Your Lead Magnet Downloads in a Month

So you've created an awesome lead magnet, but no one is signing up for it.

We hear this a lot.

But here's the thing: The work doesn't end when you finish creating your lead magnet. If you want to build an email list full of your ideal clients and turn them into paying customers, then you are going to have to spend just as much time promoting your lead magnet, as you did creating it!

This guide is for you if you have built a kick-ass lead magnet and you're ready to get it in front of as many people as possible. The more downloads you get, the more potential clients you’ll be connecting with, the more emails you’ll be adding to your list, and the more you’ll be growing your business.

Ready for lift-off? Here are 18 ways you can get that lead magnet out there and get loads of downloads this month.

1. Your Home Page

Are you hiding your lead magnet deep within your website? Why would you do that when it's one of the most valuable things you've got to offer?

Adding a download link to your lead magnet right to your home page increases the likelihood that people checking you out for the first time will see it. It also increases the likelihood that you will capture their email address before they close the tab and leave possibly forever.

Your lead magnet is likely the best lead generator you’ve got, and it deserves prime real estate on your website. So get it up there!

2. Exit Pop-Up

Adding an exit pop-up to your site will help you capture a potential client right as they're about to leave. Tools can predict exit behaviour and offer a last-chance pop-up to get them to opt-in and receive your lead magnet.

For exit pop-up tools, check out Hello Bar, OptiMonk and OptInMonster.

3. Sidebar of Blog

Get your lead magnet into the sidebar on your blog, so even if someone is just stopping by to grab a recipe, they'll see it. This is easily executed by adding a download link or embedding a sign up form to the sidebar of your blog.

4. Footer

For those loyal readers who scroll all the way to the bottom of your site, give them a chance to opt-in! A link or form asking them to join your newsletter list and get a free recipe book or meal plan is the perfect footer for any page on your site.

5. About Page

Your “About Me” page is one of the best places to link to your lead magnet. Since you’re telling your story, and sharing what you specialize in (aka your niche) it’s the perfect time to capture those clients who are attracted to your work.

6. Resources Page

Does your website have a "Resources" page where you link to sites, brands, products, or other resources to help your community? If so, this is an obvious place to promote your lead magnet, which is also a valuable resource that can help your potential clients.

If your site doesn’t have a resources page, consider adding one! This is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your niche and make your website a place where ideal clients can go for help.

7. Blog Posts

Your lead magnet should relate back to your niche or your area of expertise, and so should your blog posts! You don’t necessarily have to post about the same content all the time, but every time your blog post is relevant to your lead magnet, include a download link.

For example, if your lead magnet is “6 Cheap, Healthy Meals for College Students” and you write a blog post called “Grocery Shopping on a Student Budget” that would be an ideal time to link your lead magnet.

8. Social Media Posts

We know that promoting things on social media can feel weird, and you might worry about annoying to your audience. But, (and it’s a huge but) your lead magnet is a free resource that offers value! If you have a good lead magnet, it’s like a free gift that you’re handing out to people. (It's like when a café hands out sips of iced coffee to passers-by on a hot day. Best sales tactic ever!)

Promote your lead magnet on social media frequently. When you do it in an authentic way, your audience will be more grateful than annoyed.

If you're not sure what to post on social media, check out this guide.

9. Linktree

If you post on Instagram often, make sure you’re using that #linkinbio to do more than just point people to your homepage! Linktree is a free tool that lets you add multiple links to your Instagram bio page.

Here is an example of a few links you could include:

  • Lead magnet download link
  • “About Me” page
  • “Work With Me” Page
  • Your latest blog post
  • A link to your online store (if you have one)

10. Your Own Facebook Group

Do you have a private Facebook group? Make sure all those people are on your mailing list! You don’t need to spam the page with your lead magnet, but once every week or two, remind your group members that you have an incredible free resource that you have created just for them.

11. LinkedIn

We're betting you haven't thought of this one! Maybe you didn't even know you could post things on LinkedIn. Well, you can, and you should!

Check out this tutorial to share a post on one of the world's largest networking sites.

12. Pinterest

Food and nutrition information is one of the most searched topics on Pinterest, so make sure your lead magnet is appearing in those search results!

Every time you write a blog post that links to your lead magnet, add it to a Pinterest board. If you have a landing page for your lead magnet, add that too.

13. Run Paid Ads

If you’re really serious about growing your business, it may be time to invest in quality leads. Running paid ads on Facebook or Instagram can help, and they allow you to target people by location, age, gender, interests, job titles and more so that you can really target your ideal client.

It’s better to run a paid ad to your lead magnet, than to your paid services because potential clients are more likely to commit to something free first, and convert into paying clients later.

14. YouTube

Do you create video content for YouTube? If you do, you should absolutely mention your lead magnet in that content. YouTube lets you put links in the video description, so your lead magnet download link should always be among them.

For example, if you are filming a cooking tutorial, that’s prime time to promote your recipe book or meal plan that viewers can download for free. Remind them that the link to download the resource is in the description box.

15. Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a great way to promote your lead magnet, get downloads, and grow your email list. You’ll want to plan and promote a live stream covering the topic of your lead magnet, and encouraging people to click the download link.

Here is a full guide on how to grow your email list using Facebook Live.

16. Niche Facebook Groups

This can be a really amazing way to get opt-ins if you do it right.

First, you’ll want to find some Facebook groups where your ideal clients are hanging out. Whatever your niche is, PCOS, IBS, Hashimotos, weight loss, etc., there’s definitely at least one Facebook group out there that exists to support them. You can find these groups and become a member.

Now, it’s very important to know that most of these groups get spammed with promotion all the time so it’s usually against their rules to promote yourself. Approach with caution, but if you have written a blog post that is genuinely helpful and not overly promotional, you can usually get away with posting a link. If your blog post contains a link to download your lead magnet, even better!

Instead of posting something super promotional like this: “My name is Amanda and I’m a nutritionist specializing in [niche] I just wrote this blog post about how I can help……”, say something more subtle and helpful, like this: “Hey guys, thought you’d find this interesting.”

17. Email Signature

Add your lead magnet download to your email signature right now. Anyone who sends you an inquiry via email will then have the option to check it out. It’s completely free and it looks professional.

18. Guest Blog Posts

Guest blogging for other people’s sites can be a great way to expand your reach. Reach out to professional colleagues with complementary specialties and ask if they would be interested in a guest blog post that would provide a ton of value to their community. You can even invite them to guest blog for you! This is a great way to connect with potential clients you may not have met otherwise and develop a strong referral network. Don’t forget to include your lead magnet!

Here is an awesome list of professionals you should connect with to grow your business.

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Ready to get 100+ downloads on your lead magnet this month? Start implementing the tactics from this list today and you'll have 100+ email signups in no time. Ready? Set? Go! Leave us a comment below to let us know you are in for the challenge.

And remember, if you haven't yet created a lead magnet, or you need to level up your current lead magnet, we show you how to do it here.

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We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.