A Guide to the Best Nutritionist Software

We’ve put together a curated list of the five best pieces of nutritionist software on the market to help you implement optimal tools without wasting your precious time and money.

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As a nutrition business owner, you’re bound to regularly come across new software for practice management, meal planning, invoicing, and more. It is easy for nutritionists and dietitians to become overwhelmed with many software options. Isn’t software supposed to make running a practice easier?

In this software roundup, we’ve done the work for you. We aim to make choosing software for practice management, meal planning, marketing, accounting, and research as straightforward as possible.

We’ve compiled a list of the five best pieces of nutritionist software on the market to help you implement optimal tools without wasting your precious time and money. 

Practice Management: Practice Better

Every nutrition practice needs some type of practice management software. Practice Better is an all-in-one tool designed to eliminate the need for several others to save you time and money. 

Practice Better helps with day-to-day practice management and client engagement. Features include:

  • Client scheduling 
  • Client portal and communication
  • Encrypted charting
  • Billing
  • Branding
  • Telehealth
  • Messaging
  • Protocols
  • Programs and courses
  • Reporting
Read more about the features of Practice Better and how it can help your practice here

Nutritionists and dietitians love Practice Better because it’s so easy to use. It was rated the easiest-to-use nutritionist software by G2, a database aggregating reviews from experts and users around the web.

Why nutritionists love Practice Better:

“Practice Better has allowed me to manage all the moving parts of my multi-faceted business from one place. This is most helpful for organization and follow-up. Also, Practice Better works well for both my in-person and virtual services, as well as my product offerings.” 
“The customer support and service provided through Practice Better is top of the line…I use it regularly for scheduling and invoicing, as well as for hosting online workshops and courses.”
“Practice Better is basically my office space. It's where I talk to my clients…It is encrypted so I don't need to worry about personal data breaching issues, it provides clients with invoices and collects payments…[it] saves so much admin time! I wouldn't be doing this job without it!”

Pricing: Free 14-day trial, with paid plans starting at $25/month

Meal Planning: That Clean Life

If you’ve ever written a meal plan manually, as many of us had to do in school, you know it can take hours to create a personalized meal plan, calculate the nutrition facts, and build a shopping list. That Clean Life has made creating custom meal plans practically effortless.

That Clean Life is a meal planning software designed specifically for dietitians and nutritionists to use with their clients. Our meal planner program allows you to bring your nutrition guidance to life by easily creating plans, shopping lists, and recipe collections your clients can access while working with you. It helps bring your expertise to life.

This nutrition planning tool allows you to select dietary preferences, calorie and nutrient ranges, and generate a completely personalized meal plan that meets your client's needs in seconds. All nutrition data is pulled from Food Data Central to help ensure accuracy. Once you design the meal plans, you can further personalize them to include or exclude nutrition information, special notes, and prep instructions based on your client’s needs.

That Clean Life makes it easy to export or share meal plans with your clients through a secure link. The plans can be branded with your business’s colors, logos, and more to save you money on design and customization. 

That Clean Life also integrates seamlessly with Practice Better, so you can run your practice and create valuable resources for your clients during their visits.

Why Nutritionists Love That Clean Life:

“That Clean Life makes meal planning for my clients quick and professional. It has allowed me to see more 1:1 clients and also create plans for my group program. I love the food photos, recipe ideas, and how easy it is to make plans”. 
“I tried That Clean Life, fell in love, and never looked back. It is one reason my business is thriving.”
“That Clean Life is so user-friendly. It allows me to search for specific ingredients or recipe types, which makes it a lot easier when I have picky clients with a lot of restrictions…I can whip up a custom meal plan in 20 minutes or less.”
Read more That Clean Life reviews on G2 here.

Pricing: Starts at $30/month 

Marketing: Flodesk

Email marketing is essential for growing, nurturing, and monetizing your audience and practice. Flodesk is a simple, powerful email marketing platform developed specifically for small businesses. 

With Flodesk, you can quickly design marketing emails with their beautiful and customizable templates. It also allows you to create sales pages for digital products, collect payments, and provide instant delivery. The software includes a variety of opt-in forms and email automations so you can continue to grow your list.

Flodesk includes detailed analytics for all emails, sales pages, and opt-ins so you can quickly know what is working in your business to bring in new customers.

What users are saying about Flodesk:

“What I love most about Flodesk is that it goes beyond a standard email service. You can customize your user experience to match your branding, add photos, links, and anything you might want to include.”
“After trying a few different platforms I found Flodesk was the easiest to use and is great for setting up workflows and segmenting your audience.”

Pricing: Starts at $38/month when paid month-to-month for email marketing. The subscription fee does not increase with the number of subscribers, as is typical with other email marketing software options.

Accounting: FreshBooks

Every business needs some type of accounting software to help keep track of finances efficiently, particularly when it comes to tax time. FreshBooks is accounting software designed specifically for small businesses to help with:

  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Tracking expenses
  • Time tracking

This software is simple to use and helps streamline bookkeeping, provide financial insights, and ensure compliance with tax regulations to help reduce the risk of errors.

What small business owners are saying about FreshBooks:

“FreshBooks was easy to get up and running for someone who knows little about bookkeeping or accounting, yet complete enough that it can provide everything I have needed so far. It is affordable and will allow me to scale up as my business scales up.”
“I love this tool because it is easy to use, it helps me with the accounting of my small business and best of all is that I do not have to have great knowledge of the subject…this tool has been a great help.”

Pricing: Starts at $3.40/month

Research: Examine.com

Examine.com is a website that analyzes nutrition research studies in 25 health categories and provides evidence-based summaries. Their health and nutrition database is updated daily by a multidisciplinary team with the latest research. They are completely independent, with no industry ties or sponsors.

While you can access many health and nutrient summaries for free on their website, the paid version called Examine+ offers more extensive and detailed supplement guides, customization of topics, and in-depth analysis of various health interventions. If you regularly recommend supplements or other treatment plans in your practice, the paid tier of Examine can be extremely helpful for staying on top of the latest research without spending hours in PubMed.

What Examine.com users have to say:

“As a Registered Dietitian, I'm always looking to stay on top of the latest evidence-based nutrition literature. While the sheer volume of new nutrition research can get overwhelming, Examine+ has been a great tool for me to stay informed on the topics most relevant to my practice.”
“I know the rigmarole of reading and analyzing research. Examine+ makes all of that easy — it keeps me current on the latest research so I can focus on what is important — ensuring the health of my clients. A no-brainer.”

Pricing: Examine+ starts at $19/month or $799 for lifetime access


When you’re running a nutrition practice, you want to know you’re using the best nutritionist software that will help you efficiently manage your time without spending too much money. Our top 5 software choices: Practice Better, That Clean Life, Flodesk, FreshBooks, and Examine.com, each tackle a different but essential part of running a nutrition practice. These tools will help you streamline various aspects of your business so you can focus on growth and success.

Ready to try one or more of our recommended nutritionist software? Start by watching our That Clean Life demo to see how it can help you create beautiful nutrition plans for your clients.
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