From 0 to 6,000 Clients in Two Years, with Naturopathic Doctor, Ashley Margeson

From 0 to 6,000 Clients in Two Years, with Naturopathic Doctor, Ashley Margeson

We are honoured to have so many truly amazing wellness professionals in our That Clean Life community. We hear inspiring stories from our members every day, and some of these stories are just too good not to share.

Today, we want you to meet That Clean Life for Business Member and Naturopathic Doctor, Ashley Margeson. Ashley has a thriving naturopathic medical practice in rural Nova Scotia where she serves over 6,000 patients every year.

Ashley is making a huge impact and we wanted to know how she’s doing it! We sat down with Ashley and asked her how she is making the world a healthier place, while also building a thriving business along the way. Here is what we learned:

Her Niche: Women’s Health

Ashley has only been in practice for two years, but she’s already done a lot to establish herself as the go-to expert in women’s health. From brides-to-be, to new moms, and everyone in-between, Ashley has found great success in supporting the XX population.

“I’ve always been passionate about conversation; specifically conversations with women, about hormones and the history of the women’s right’s movement. Working with women on their hormones, their preconception care, and balancing PMS was a natural progression that just really happened organically out of this desire to move forward the conversation about our bodies.”

Ashley’s passion stems from a place of empowering women to live their healthiest lives rather than seeking out quick fixes for weight loss or better skin. While she does help her patients achieve those results, she keeps the conversation going to address deeper areas of their health.

“Too many of us don’t realize that we can actually DO something about our hormones and igniting the conversation about optimal living is really where I focus.”

Her Goal: Work Herself Out of a Job

When we spoke with Ashley about building a thriving practice and the business of being a Naturopathic Doctor, she didn’t talk about the lifetime value of her clients or how she fills her schedule. Instead, she talked about her love of problem-solving.

“The thing that excites me most is working myself out of a job.”

Ashley tells all of her patients upfront that if they’re in the same place six months after they have started working with her, it means she has failed. Her goal is to get her patients to a place where they don’t need her anymore. She doesn’t worry about whether her patients will still be paying her in a year or two, and instead, she focuses on getting them healthy as fast as possible.

This is a great strategy and is a huge part of why Ashley’s practice has grown so fast. Because, as we always say: a happy, successful client is the best sales and marketing tool you will ever have. Ashley’s patients aren’t just patients, they’re raving fans. They love her, the work she has done to help them achieve optimal health, and they tell everyone about it.

Ashley's Services: One-on-One and Online Programs

Ashley works with thousands of patients, so we had a look at how she structures her consultations and how she gets new patients in the door.

She has a low-priced offering that anyone can buy through her website, which is The 21day Teatox. Clients can buy this online any time and get started on their own time.

The cost of this program is $59.95 and it includes:

  • A 21-day supply of her specially formulated herbal tea
  • A recipe book
  • A nutrition guide
  • A fitness guide
  • Access to a private Facebook group for support

Ashley has also developed a signature Elite Bridal Wellness Program, specifically designed to help brides look and feel their best for their weddings and the rest of their lives which she calls their “healthily ever after.”

This 12-week program is priced at $399 and includes:

  • Six weekly meal plans
  • A cookbook with 52 recipes
  • A bridal exercise program
  • Email support
  • A stress-reduction guide for brides
  • Access to a private Facebook group for all past and present program participants

All of this is in addition to her one-on-one consultations which she runs in-person at her clinic, and the IV therapy and other complementary medical treatments she provides.

Ashley's Secret Weapon: That Clean Life for Business

Ashley uses That Clean Life for Business in her practice to create awesome nutrition resources for her patients, without having to spend hours on them. It saves her a ton of time so she can take on more patients and keep the quality of care top notch.

“Most of my work in nutrition is teaching the fundamentals about how you pair foods, how you grocery shop and how to utilize leftovers. That Clean Life makes it SO easy to educate people about food, without making it overwhelming.

When you’re seeing 20 odd patients a day, you don’t have the time to make an individual plan for every patient. I don’t have the time to write all my recipes down, and I really don’t WANT to spend my time doing that.”

Naturopathic Doctors can use That Clean Life to support their patients by creating general meal plans, grocery lists, recipe books and more. In Ashley’s case, she provides patients with sample meal plans when recommending an anti-inflammatory or ketogenic protocol.

“That Clean Life is the perfect middle ground for how my practice works and what my patient population wants and needs.”

Watch a Demo

To further increase the value they are providing their patients, Naturopathic Doctors can also use That Clean Life for Business to quickly search for suitable recipes and send them home with a valuable, branded resource to help them take action right away.

Her Biggest Challenge: Finding Balance

Like many entrepreneurs, Ashley struggles to bring more balance into her life. With a busy practice, she found herself working day and night to serve her patients.

“The first year and a half it was easy to work the long hours, to be there all the time for my patients, but over the last few months, the conversation I have with myself has shifted to maybe not wanting to work 80 hour weeks as much. Finding the balance between growth and stability has been really difficult personally, and I’m definitely still working on it.”

Using That Clean Life can help cut down on the time spent creating resources, and can also allow you to offer online programs that can serve more people than you could ever see one-on-one. Finding ways to streamline your workflow is a huge part of making more room in your schedule for things that contribute to work-life balance, and we are proud That Clean Life can be a part of helping practitioners like Ashley impact a huge number of lives every year.

If you're interested in learning how That Clean Life can help take your practice to the next level, we'd love to show you around. Click here to get a tour.

How have you used That Clean Life to make your clients more successful? Email us your story and you could be featured!

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We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.


We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.