How Consistent Content Creation Can Grow Your Nutrition Business

How Consistent Content Creation Can Grow Your Nutrition Business

“Teach Everything You Know.”

This philosophy is one of the pillars That Clean Life is built upon. Our creation of content across different platforms is something we have remained consistent with for years because we know it’s the most effective way to provide value.

This also applies to your nutrition business.

When you teach everything you know, you position yourself as an expert. This will grow your business on a budget that is completely affordable and requires only you, a strategy, consistency, and your writing or speaking talents.

We chatted with some inspiring health professionals who are blowing us away with their strong content game. They have leveraged different platforms to establish themselves as experts in their community. We asked about their processes, platforms, tools and inspiration. Here is what we learned:

If You Fail to Plan, You Plan To Fail

When it comes to content creation, planning is the key to success. All of the content creators we interviewed said that having a plan is necessary if you want to consistently create awesome content.

Planning your content doesn’t need to be fancy. Even something as simple as a paper calendar or your virtual calendar can keep you organized and consistent.

When mapping things out, it is important to align your content strategy with your sales initiatives so that you’re driving traffic to learn more about the program you’re running or the overall services you're offering. Holistic Nutritionist, Katie Pangborn, explains how she does this:

"I mark out my sales opportunities and launches, my promo schedule, and then create content from there. Every week I choose a theme and loosely structure my posts around that theme. Then I have seven different types of posts each week and I create each post around that week's theme. I also do a weekly public Facebook Live (which then becomes an IGTV) around that topic and then do a follow-up hands-on workshop in my private Facebook Group the next night."

Even if you are a team of one, create a set time of the week to review your content schedule like the Joyous Health team:

"We have editorial meetings with the team every single Tuesday and we have themes each month. We are always a few weeks ahead of the schedule so I know what I need to write and create. This also helps us keep on top of health trends, seasonality of foods and aware of the topics our community is interested in."

Need help mapping out your content? Check out tools like Planoly, Later, and Buffer for scheduling your social media content.

Create One Piece of Content and Use it Multiple Ways

The content you create should be shared multiple times and in different ways. Like Katie states above, Facebook lives can be made into IGTVs. Blog posts can be shared in your weekly newsletters.

Integrative & Functional Health Coach Michelle Leotta is a pro at taking one piece of content and using it across multiple platforms:

"After a decade of blogging, I have now developed a system where I turn video content into podcast and blog content, all in one swoop. It usually starts by filming myself on Zoom and broadcasting it live to Facebook. The video recording ends up on YouTube and Instagram Stories. The audio recording becomes a podcast. Then it all goes on my blog with show notes and a transcript. Magic!"

Holistic Nutritionist and author, Joy McCarthy, is on the same page. She also shares the same content in multiple places:

"Joyous Health, the website, is like the mothership and then we amplify our content we create there on every social channel. For many years Joyous Health was just me and I used all social channels to share my content because there can be a slightly different audience on each platform and my goal was to reach as many people as possible - and still is!"

Make List Building a Priority

Being a business on social media can be rough as the algorithm controls who sees your posts, which can seriously limit your reach. When it comes to content, Nutritionist and author, Meghan Telpner, focuses her efforts on the things she has control over: her blog and email list.

"My blog, and my newsletter subscriber list, are and will always be my top priority. This is my real estate! I get to make the rules and I own all that is created here. Social media can be effective for reaching new people, but we have no control over what the audience there will see. As I’ve experienced over the last decade, the rules of the social media game are constantly changing and not once have these changes been in favour of small businesses."

Need to grow your email list? Create a lead magnet and use email marketing software like MailChimp, Active Campaign or ConvertKit to build your list so your content can help more people.

Each Platform Serves a Different Goal

There are so many ways to spread your message and be known as the expert. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Pinterest. Youtube. LinkedIn. The list goes on! Instead of trying to master them all, focus on the channels that will help you reach your ideal clients.

Holistic Nutritionist, Elizabeth Raybould, uses different platforms depending on the audience she's trying to reach:

"On Instagram, I get folks who want to DIY their health, so my posts give them information and tips to do that.

Facebook is where my community is really cultivated and grows. I utilize both my Facebook page as well as my Facebook Group, Hormone Freedom. It’s where I can provide insight and do a little bit of teaching and coaching, which makes me the authority figure, and increases my sales.

Blogging is where it all started. I blog to amplify my message and show off my expertise in hormone health. I use my blog to write about things in more detail than you'd write an Instagram or Facebook caption."

Turn Questions From Your Community into Content

Do you ever feel like you have no idea what to write or talk about? Our experts agreed that the best way to create when you’re feeling stuck is to simply answer the questions your community and clients are asking you.

Maybe an email has come in with a great question or the same topic keeps coming up in your Facebook group. You can turn your response into so many pieces of content like a blog post, Instagram story, Facebook Live, email newsletter, Youtube video, LinkedIn post or Pinterest graphic.

Michelle has a super engaged Facebook group and uses it as her inspiration for content.

"I use my content to respond to my audience, so I never feel like I have to dig up a topic from scratch. It's much more fun this way, always relevant, and never feels like a chore."

If you’re struggling to stay organized with all the topics that you want to cover, check out software like Asana, Trello, or ClickUp to document and organize your ideas.

Your business is always going to feel like your baby. It’s important to nurture it with great content so it can grow. Whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for years, creating a presence, establishing yourself as an expert in your niche and showing up consistently are non-negotiables. Take the advice of these stellar content creators and apply it to your business today.

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We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.


We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.