3 Tips For Better Client Communication

3 Tips For Better Client Communication

As your nutrition practice grows, keeping track of clients and ensuring amazing, open communication is key. If you've been using our strategies to book 5 new clients every month, growth comes fast, and with it must come organization and efficiency.

Here are 3 essential tips you should be using to keep clients feeling fully supported and engaged in your services.

1. Use Email Templates

The idea of using email templates in client communication might feel “icky” at first, but it doesn't have to mean sending impersonal canned responses. They will actually save you so much time and energy that you can then dedicate to amazing client care.

Having email templates early on in your practice will also make it easier to automate things or hire and delegate later on, so consider this the first step in scaling your business.

Here are some common email templates you’ll want to set-up:

  • Response to common booking inquiries including your office hours, fee schedule, and other FAQs.
  • Booking confirmation including everything clients will need before their appointment including the address, directions, forms, waivers, food journal, etc.
  • Appointment reminders sent out 3-days and 24-hours before scheduled appointments.
  • Any other topic that keeps coming up with clients. Look at the emails you find yourself writing over-and-over again. These could probably be turned into templates and personalized before sending.

Keep your email templates organized in a folder and saved somewhere you can access from any device, like Google Drive.

2. Set-up Funnels

Funnels take email templates a step further by sending emails at specific intervals according to the way you've programmed the funnel and what you're hoping to accomplish. This allows you to maintain contact with, and nurture your clients (or potential clients) without living in your inbox and constantly following-up.

This tip is especially essential if you have a signature program. For example, if you have a specific Candida protocol that you walk clients through, you can enter them into the funnel at their first appointment. A few days later, they can receive an email from you encouraging them to tough through the sugar cravings, and that things will get better. This will make them feel supported without adding to your workload.

The flow might look like this:

  • 1 day after appointment: bonus anti-candida recipe book and a thank you for booking
  • 4 days later: a refresher on why they will experience sugar cravings as Candida dies, and encouragement to keep doing the right things
  • 7 days later: check in and ask how they’re doing
  • 12 days later: a reminder to book follow-up (if they haven’t already)

Funnels will be customized to the type of work you do with your clients. If you’re not ready to automate, you can save the content as templates and send them yourself to start off.

Some popular programs for setting up funnels include: ClickFunnels, ActiveCampaign, and InfusionSoft.

3. Have Non-Health-Focused Conversations

Don't forget to show your clients you care about them above and beyond the clinical relationship you have established. During visits, make note of personal details to follow-up on next time. For example, if they mention that they'll be headed to Ikea on the weekend, ask them what they picked up when you see them next.

Showing genuine interest can really deepen your relationship with clients and prove you truly care about them. It’s easy to focus on their health goals and challenges, but you should make an effort to acknowledge all aspects of their life like their family, birthday and favourite TV shows.

Getting to know your clients on a more personal level will make it much easier for you to re-engage them later on. Sending a healthy cupcake recipe two weeks before their child’s birthday might be all it takes to open those lines of communication back up and bring them in for another session.

Remember to go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.

By having amazing communication with your clients and showing them you care, they will think of you as more than just a practitioner, and see you as a meaningful relationship they want to maintain for years to come.

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