How This Nutritionist Grew Her Business By 6X in One Year

How This Nutritionist Grew Her Business By 6X in One Year

We believe in radical transparency here at That Clean Life. We also believe in supporting our colleagues, and that a win for one of us is a win for all of us. We’re very fortunate to have so many amazing nutrition professionals in our community, and today we want to share an inspiring story from one of our members.

Meet That Clean Life for Business member Halleh Farahmand. Halleh is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist specializing in weight loss and she has been building her nutrition business since 2015.

Over the last year, Halleh has grown her business by a whopping 600%. This has happened organically, using good old fashioned hard work, perseverance and high-quality service. Her growth didn't come overnight, or from just one program or tactic. Instead, Halleh has hustled, trying a variety of things which have all added up to big-time growth.

Halleh was so kind to share with us exactly how she has achieved this business growth, and we know her story will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. The wellness industry can feel like a noisy, crowded place but Halleh is proof that when you put in the work and show up every day - you can and will achieve success.

Here are the 12 key things Halleh has done to 6X her business growth in one year.

1. Halleh used her side hustle to get her first clients.

Halleh is a yoga teacher, and she used this work as a way to form connections in her community, nurture relationships and get her first nutrition consulting clients.

"Once I started teaching yoga, the community got to know me and my first client was one of my yoga students.”

A lot of nutritionists start with a full or part-time job on the side as they build their own business. If this is you, be sure to leverage this! Whether you are a teacher, banker or an employee at a large corporation - you will have tons of people around you that are potential clients.

If you don't have a side hustle, look for other opportunities to form connections like parties and events in your community and social circle. They key here is to put yourself out there.

2. Halleh focused on getting paying clients first and did not build a website or a social media presence.

Halleh is proof that you don’t need a huge social media presence to get started. In fact, she didn’t even have an internet connection for the first two years she was in practice!

“Shortly after I graduated, I got married and my husband got a job in a small rural farming community in Saskatchewan. It was hard at first to get my name out there since we didn't have Internet for the first two years."

Halleh still doesn’t have a website and she has never paid for any type of marketing. She focuses her energy on in-person connections instead.

Once Halleh had an internet connection, she started using Facebook and Instagram to connect with her community and keep them updated online. Because Halleh had formed such deep in-person relationships in her community, people were happy to engage, support and share.

“I get so many shares on Facebook posts I make about programs I am running. In my last challenge, I had participants that weren't local. They were from different cities or neighbouring communities who saw a friend comment on a post shared by another friend.”

So many times we talk to nutrition professionals who are waiting to design their logo, their website or get professional photography before they launch their business. This is a huge mistake! Get out there and start building your business now. When you are just getting started, there is no need for a fancy website or a huge social media presence. Focus first on getting paying clients, and you can invest in tech later on.

3. Halleh focused on making every client successful.

So if Halleh wasn't building a website or growing her Instagram following, how did she 6X her business?

She focused on her clients first.

“Right now I am purely referral based. I work hard with my clients so that they get results and when they get results, they tell others about me.

I know I wouldn't want to work with someone unless they had a good reputation, or if I knew people who have worked with them. So that is how I market myself. I stay local, I make connections wherever I go and build a relationship with my clients. When they are happy they tell others about me.”

Successful raving clients are one of the most powerful sales and marketing tools you will ever have!

4. Halleh realized she had set her prices too low, so she increased them.

When it came to setting prices for her services and programs, Halleh struggled. At first, she set the prices for her meal plans too low and ended up feeling burnt out.

“Pricing is something I struggled with for the first year and a half and I know others struggle with this too.

Everyone told me 'charge what you're worth' but that didn't really help. When I started out I didn't want to set a price that would turn people away. I didn't think of myself and all the work I put into my plans. I started to feel burnt out."

Halleh has increased her prices multiple times and every time her clients continue to support her.

5. Halleh offers different services at various price points.

Speaking of pricing, Halleh has structured her services and programs so that she has a variety of offerings that will appeal to people with various needs and budgets. She offers:

  • Initial Consultations for $125: This is a 60-minute appointment, which includes a customized nutrition plan with recommended food, supplement, and lifestyle changes.
  • Follow-Up Appointments for $50/hr: After an initial consultation, clients can book follow-ups as needed.
  • Customized Meal Planning for $75/week: Halleh's clients can purchase a personalized 7-day meal plan with recipes and a grocery list.
  • Group Challenges for $75: A six-week online weight loss challenge with 3 meal plans, nutrition resources, and a private Facebook group.
  • One-Year Weight Loss Program for $1,200: Halleh's one-year high-end program focuses on habits. Her clients receive a new habit to work on every two weeks along with daily exercises to implement them.

Halleh has a service or a program for everyone. If someone is looking for one-on-one support without a commitment, they can go for her initial consultation and book follow-ups as needed. If someone simply needs a meal plan - she has a service for that too.

6. Halleh offers a high-end program for those who need more support and accountability.

As you can see from Halleh's pricing, she offers a one-year weight loss program, which is great for her client's who need extra support and accountability. It also allows her to work with clients over a longer period of time to achieve results.

“As someone who has struggled with weight in the past and has worked with many people struggling with weight issues, I know it takes time to develop and implement new habits. I also know that having someone to be accountable to makes it much easier to stay committed to a program and see results.”

7. Halleh started running group challenges.

Halleh also started running group weight-loss challenges this year, which have been great to grow her business.

“My online weight loss programs run for six weeks and I provide clients with three general meal plans to be rotated, a nutrition information package and a private facebook group for accountability and for participants to post questions. I charge $75 per challenge. My last one was my biggest group challenge yet, I had 25 participants.”

8. Halleh used That Clean Life for Business to work more efficiently.

If Halleh was creating each meal plan from scratch, she would burn out quickly. So she joined That Clean Life for Business, which has allowed her to create beautiful nutrition resources like meal plans and recipe books in minutes instead of hours.

“The number one thing that helped my business was joining That Clean Life for Business. I used to spend hours calculating my clients daily nutrition totals. It was so nice to find a program that did all that for me.”

Watch a Demo

While Halleh uses That Clean Life to create resources for her clients, she also uses Practice Better to manage her clients. You can learn more about how to use That Clean Life with Practice Better here.

9. Halleh creates recipe books and gives them to potential clients as a bonus.

On top of creating complete nutrition plans, Halleh also started to use That Clean Life for Business to create recipe books, which can be exported as PDF with her logo and contact info.

"I often use That Clean Life to put together recipe books for clients as a bonus, or as a way to advertise my services.

Last Christmas I put together some of my favourite recipes in a recipe book for my yoga students as a thank you for being my students and supporting my yoga classes. After receiving the recipe books, three yoga students contacted me for an initial consultation because they were interested after seeing the delicious recipes that my plans include.

Most people think healthy eating is boring, so I highly suggest offering freebies like a recipe book with 5 to 10 recipes to get people interested in working with you.”

We have written a whole post about how to create recipe books with That Clean Life and also how you can use them to grow your business.

Recipe books are just one of the many ways you can use That Clean Life for Business to grow your client base! Join our Open House on Tuesday, September 25th to see how else nutrition professionals are using it to uplevel their business. Click here to save your seat.

10. Halleh partnered with other wellness professionals.

Halleh has also grown her business by building relationships with other wellness professionals. This has helped generate more referrals and to expand her reach.

“A local trainer came to me wanting to learn more about fitness nutrition and to help her plan a nutrition program to support her intense workouts. She had immediate results and when people asked what she was doing she sent them my way."

On top of teaming up this trainer for referrals, Halleh also worked with them for a group challenge.

"We also teamed up and ran two challenges together. She provided the workouts and I provided the meal plans. Our first challenge exceeded our expectations. I thought we would have 10 to 15 people sign up and we had 29 people sign up! Running the challenges also helped bring in a few more one-on-one clients as they were really happy with results and were interested in a personalized plan.”

11. Halleh started to prioritize self-care.

So many nutrition professionals struggle with balancing work and self-care, especially when they want to grow their business. Halleh feels it too.

“My biggest struggle has been finding a balance for myself. I love what I do, I love that I am changing lives but sometimes I focus too much on work and lose focus on my personal life. I am just so committed to my client's success that I want to be on top of everything at all times.

One way Halleh has started to incorporate self-care into her life is by shutting down at night.

"Learning to set times to do tasks is something I am still working on. But I have gotten better over the last few months. I am happy to say that I no longer check emails before bed!

Not everything has to be done right at that moment and I need to take care of myself if I want to be able to help others.”

12. Halleh keeps dreaming big and invests in self-improvement.

When you keep learning, you keep growing. In the future, Halleh wants to go beyond working with clients in her community and focus on helping children develop better nutrition habits early in life.

“I gave a nutrition presentation to minor hockey in the community last year and the kids were so interested in healthy eating that it got me thinking about going back to school to work in the classroom. My original plan after University was to become a teacher, and I am going back to school this year to pursue that.

I think I can have a bigger impact by educating children on making healthier choices so that they don't end up like I did in University - overweight and unhappy."

But this doesn't mean she's giving up her nutrition practice any time soon.

I am going to continue to grow my business and work in a niche, maybe weight loss for teachers and other busy professionals. Once I become a teacher, I will know the day-to-day struggles and will be able to help my peers find the right balance with healthy eating. I am married to a teacher so I know that there are never healthy snacks in the staff room. I want to change that.”

What to learn more about Halleh? Connect with her on Facebook or Instagram!

How have you used That Clean Life to make your clients more successful? Email us your story and you could be featured!

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We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.


We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.