5 Foolproof Ways to Get Your Clients to Follow Your Nutrition Advice

5 Foolproof Ways to Get Your Clients to Follow Your Nutrition Advice

Are you writing multi-page protocols complete with elimination lists for your clients and wondering why they aren’t booking follow up appointments with you?

I hate to be the one to say it, but the thick packages that you put so much time and effort into creating for your clients aren’t being followed. They have too much information and not enough of a roadmap, leaving your clients confused about where to even begin. As a nutrition professional, clients are coming to you when they’re at a loss and want answers. I know, I know. You feel like you’re giving them all the answers they’ve ever been searching for!

But that’s the problem. It’s too much information. They become overwhelmed and they don’t know where to begin, which means that instead of adopting some of your suggestions, they’re adopting none.

Not to worry. We have a ton of experience when it comes to compliance and today we are sharing some foolproof ways to get your clients to actually follow your nutrition advice.

1. Provide Meal Plans Instead of Elimination Lists

When you take the time to show your clients what fun dishes they can create, they’ll get excited about the foods they can enjoy.

Your client is struggling and you’ve identified together that a change in their eating habits is the place to start. Great!

So you make a list of foods to include, avoid and sometimes enjoy in your package and send them on their merry way.

So why haven’t you seen them since their initial consult?

We get that providing a list of foods is much less time consuming for you, but it also creates a world of overwhelm for your client, especially if they’re new to cooking for themselves. All they see are foods they can’t enjoy, leaving them feeling lost on what to create for meals and how to eat. If you take the time to show your clients what fun dishes they can create, they’ll get excited about the foods they can enjoy.

A meal plan is an exact layout of how your client can hit their goals and it eliminates all guessing. A great meal plan always starts with a thorough assessment, so download our Meal Planning Assessment Tool so you can ask the right questions up front and create a plan your client is excited to follow.


2. Provide Curated Recipe Books

Instead of asking your clients to create their own recipes from their elimination list, they can use a curated recipe book that has done all the work for them.

A recipe book works much the same as a meal plan. It inspires your clients with specific ingredients and fun recipes that suit their dietary needs.

Learn how to create an amazing recipe book specific to your niche and clients here.



3. Include a Grocery List in Your Client Package

Whether you’re providing a recipe book or a meal plan for a week, an itemized grocery list with quantities will help your clients start following your nutrition advice right away, instead of trying to figure out what food they need to buy.


4. Include a Prep Guide to Keep Your Clients Organized and On Track

If your clients are brand new to preparing meals for themselves or their family, a prep guide is super helpful.

A prep guide lays out the exact steps your client must take to put their meal plan to use. It breaks your client's week down day-by-day so that they know exactly when to cook, what to make, and what to do with leftovers.

Providing a prep guide alongside your meal plans will help your clients get the best results by ensuring they never feel overwhelmed when it comes to prepping and packing their meals.

Each of our pre-made programs on That Clean Life comes with a prep guide, which you can find under your Programs tab.


If you are creating custom meal plans, you can create your own prep guide, which add so much value to the service you’re providing your clients!

5. Use Leftovers

Your clients probably don't want to spend hours in the kitchen. This is why you should add meals to their plan that will create leftovers.

You can easily scale any That Clean Life recipe up or down to create as many servings as needed. You can also mark any meal on your plan as a leftover.


Once you mark a meal as a leftover, it will appear faded on the meal plan so your client knows they do not need to cook that meal again.


Your clients want to succeed, we promise! But it’s on you as a health professional to provide the right materials to help them get there. Instead of overwhelming them with all the information they need to start meeting their health goals in your very first session, use these tips to provide actionable steps they can easily follow. You’ll be seeing clients back for follow up appointments in no time!

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