3 Surprising Ways Nutrition Professionals Are Using That Clean Life to Grow Their Businesses

We’re constantly amazed by the creative ways nutrition professionals are putting the software to work for their businesses. Here are just a few ways you can use That Clean Life to grow your nutrition business (besides meal planning).

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When most people think of That Clean Life, they think of meal plans. And honestly, we don't blame you! However, our members have found so many ways to use the platform beyond meal planning to support and grow their businesses.

We’re constantly amazed by the creative ways nutrition professionals are putting the software to work for their businesses. Here are just a few ways you can use That Clean Life to grow your nutrition business (besides meal planning).

1. Events & Classes

Not all nutrition professionals choose to work in a clinic or in an office setting. Some prefer to work with food and teach their clients hands-on cooking techniques. This is great because it allows them to build a business that lets them do what they love, and bridges the gap between nutrition science and practical application.

Our members work in so many amazing niches from bachelorette parties to transitioning to plant-based diets. When it comes to getting hands-on with food, we have seen members use That Clean Life to cater their events and to teach small-group cooking classes that end with a family-style dinner.

If you love working with food, you can incorporate these types of services into your own business! As a member of That Clean Life for Business you have...

  • Access to a large growing database of healthy recipes to impress your attendees.
  • The ability to easily plan menus and scale recipes for groups large and small.
  • Itemized shopping lists so you buy only what you need.
  • The ability to export recipes branded with your logo and business information to share with attendees.

In-person events are also valuable to your business, because you get the chance to meet face-to-face with your clients and their connections. This increases your reach and the speed at which your business can grow via word-of-mouth.

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2. Catering Retreats

Creating a community around your brand is one of the best ways you can ensure that your business will have longevity. Retreats are a great way to bring people together and form a sense of community.

Many of our members team up with another wellness professional to run retreats. For example, a nutritionist will team up with a yoga teacher hosting a 3-day yoga retreat. By teaming up with another professional, you will gain access to their most engaged clients.

That Clean Life will make catering retreats so much easier. Here's how:

  • Easily sort through recipes based on retreat requirements (vegan, paleo, etc).
  • Create menus for each day of the retreat.
  • Scale recipes and generate a shopping list based on your menus.
  • Create a branded recipe book as a bonus to send attendees as follow-up.

You can also add a group cooking class or workshop to the retreat itinerary. This will give you even more time to make an impression on attendees and potentially book some one-on-one clients.

3. Challenges at Gyms

Nutrition and fitness tend to go hand-in-hand. People who sign up at gyms tend to be very interested in learning about how food can fuel their fitness efforts.

There are so many benefits to teaming up with a gym or a fitness studio to run a challenge. You’re accessing a pre-existing community and the members already believe in investing in their health.

If you’re currently a member at a gym or boutique fitness studio, this is a great place to run a challenge since you probably already have a relationship with the business and the clients.

Here’s an example of a letter you could send to pitch a free challenge at a gym:


I’m a [nutritionist] and I love working out at [gym]. I’d love to discuss how we can team up to help your clients learn about how the right nutrition can fuel their fitness. I’d love to run a challenge, exclusive to your members, to help them get more involved with the community while eating better and learning just how amazing they can feel!

I have created a [10-Day Detox] Challenge complete with meal plans, shopping lists, and prep guides to keep everyone on track and hitting their goals. If you think this would be a good fit, I’d love to sit down and go over details with you this week.

I look forward to speaking with you!”

Your challenge can be long-term or short-term, free or paid, depending on your goals and your program. You’ll want to establish details like profit splitting, and how you can leverage the challenge to book new one-on-one clients with the gym in advance of running the challenge.

As a That Clean Life Member, you can easily create the resources to guide participants through a challenge. Here's how:

  • Create meal plans branded with your business information.
  • Provide itemized grocery lists for participants.
  • Offer step-by-step prep guides to keep participants on track.
  • Create additional plans and/or recipe books for prizes/bonuses.