3 Steps to Earn a Full-Time Living From Your Nutrition Business

3 Steps to Earn a Full-Time Living From Your Nutrition Business

As a nutrition professional, do you ever feel like you are forever bending over backwards trying to make ends meet?

Turning your nutrition business into a full-time living sometimes seems impossible and out of reach. That’s why I chatted with Lori Kennedy, who has taken two businesses from their starting point to earning more than $10,000 a month. In her current business, The Wellness Business Hub, she’s teaching everything she knows so that practitioners, coaches, and fitness professionals can take their business online, scale it, and earn the money they deserve doing what they love.

According to Lori, in order for your nutrition business to earn you a full-time income, there are three steps you need to take.

1. Define the problem your ideal client will pay to get rid of

Start with the problem. Define who you want to help and what problem you’re solving. This should be your number one priority and will give you clarity when communicating through things like blog posts, webinars, Facebook lives and sales copy.

“Your entire business is meant to do five things:

  1. Attract the right, qualified leads
  2. Nurture and prime those leads
  3. Convert those leads into clients
  4. Deliver life-changing results so that ...
  5. Your clients want to continue to work with you

You won’t be able to get the results you want through these five things if you don’t start with defining the problem your clients are willing to pay top dollar to solve. If you can’t define the problem in your client’s eyes, you don’t have a chance to sell them anything, no matter the cost. You need to start with the problem.”

If you don’t know what your client's big problems are, Lori suggests listening to the complaints they raise. This will give you clues as to what they are struggling with.

2. Generate consistent, qualified leads

By learning and implementing lead generation, you're giving your business the ability to grow.

“A big mistake that most practitioners, coaches, and fitness professionals make is that they aren’t consistently bringing in new and enough leads. Then they don’t have a backend system to enroll the leads into a service or a program. In order to continually get clients, you need a consistent influx of qualified leads.”

Social media is great, but automating lead generation and having a sales funnel to nurture your leads will increase your profitability.

“Social media helps you to build rapport and allows people to get to know you, but without a qualified lead gen strategy that grows your email list, you’ll likely end up working really hard to publish loads of content without getting many sales in return.”

Lori suggests taking the time to create a highly valuable lead magnet that your ideal clients will happily hand over their email address for. Ensure your lead magnet aligns with the problem you solve so you can continue to attract those who need your help.

From there, you can invest some money into paid advertising so that you can purchase qualified leads.

Wait, paid advertising? Yes. Lori believes this is absolutely something every business needs to invest in eventually. But with this being said, don't jump right into it.

“Before you even decide on a budget, you want to make sure that you have content that attracts the right type of clients and converts, meaning that you’ve tested your content and know that it will do what you want it to before you even start with paid ads. From there, spend as much as possible. Start with a monthly amount you feel comfortable with, track the results and then based on the metrics you’ll be able to decide how much to reinvest back into your business.”

Lori also mentions that lead generation is something your business never stops doing, no matter the success you have achieved or the number of clients you have. You want to ensure you’re consistently bringing in new leads.

Need help creating a lead magnet that converts? Grab our free guide, Lead Magnet Creation for Nutrition Professionals..

3. Have a sales process in place

Having a sales process is necessary if you are going to convert your leads into paying clients. One way to do this is to have a sales conversation.

“The point of the sales conversation is to provide the prospect with clarity as to where they are blocked and to determine if they are, in fact, a right fit to work with. Will you be able to help them get results?”

This is your opportunity to understand their obstacles, why they haven’t been able to achieve success in the past, address their objections and help them overcome any doubt. The sales conversation helps your potential client see why your program is the missing piece to their success.

“A sales conversation is very structured. It’s not a free-flowing, teaching a Facebook Live with a call-to-action tacked on at the end. That does not work. You listen and guide the prospect themselves to see how they would be a good fit to work with you.”

Lori explains that nutrition professionals need to be consistently engaging in these conversations in order to have a steady flow of clients coming in. If you have effectively set up your lead magnet and you’re nurturing those leads with consistent content, then these calls will continue to happen.

Most importantly, this process doesn’t happen overnight. Budget five to six months to get a proper lead generation and sales process in place. The hard work in the beginning to create these automations will pay off in the long run.

What do you say? Are you willing to step things up and start earning a full-time living from your nutrition business? If so, commit to defining the problem you solve, setting up a lead generation funnel and working on your sales process right away!

To continue learning more from Lori, click here.

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We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.


We'll send you bite-sized ideas, tools and education that will help your clients succeed and grow your business.