Introducing Our 21-Day Spring Meal Prep Program

Introducing Our 21-Day Spring Meal Prep Program

Life gets busy. Sticking to healthy habits is hard. Even when we know in our hearts that our current approach just isn't working, it can be super hard to break out of it.

We all feel the resistance. It is completely normal. If you've made some health goals without following through, congratulations! You are officially a human. You aren't a failure. There is nothing wrong with you. It happens to everyone.

But what will set you apart is simple: self-compassion and persistence.

When we practice self-compassion and persistence, we say, Hey, I fell off the wagon. It happens and that's okay. I'll just get back on.

We go easy on ourselves. We realize that it is all a part of the journey. With self-compassion and persistence, we get back up, dust ourselves off and develop a plan to help us move forward.

And that is exactly what we are doing with our 21-Day Spring Meal Prep Program.

Starting on Monday May 1, 2017 we are taking three weeks to work on being kind to ourselves, fueling our bodies with whole Spring-fresh ingredients and continuing to work towards our health goals.

If you've ever tried to meal prep on your own, you may have felt overwhelmed and frustrated. What do I make? How many portions? How do I store it? Where do I find recipes?

Our 21-Day Spring Meal Prep Program will remove all the guesswork so you can just focus on eating clean and feeling awesome.

Every week we will release:

  • A meal plan that includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks
  • An itemized grocery list
  • Delicious, easy recipes
  • A prep guide that outlines step-by-step how to prepare and store all of your meals for the week in just a few hours.

At the beginning of each week, it will be up to you to grab the plan, list and follow the prep guide. You will have access to our private support and accountability group so we can work through the program together as a team.

The program kicks off on Monday May 1, 2017. Your first day of prep will be done the day before so you are ready to hit the ground running on day 1. The program is held entirely online.

Our 21-Day Spring Meal Prep Program is open to all paid That Clean Life Members and Week 1 is now available. If you are already a member of That Clean Life, you are ready to rock! If not, sign up here.

Once you've signed up here's what you need to do to get ready for Week 1:

  • Log into That Clean Life, go to the Programs tab then grab the meal plan, grocery list and prep guide for the 21-Day Spring Meal Prep Program, Week 1.
  • Set aside sometime this weekend to grocery shop. Follow the prep guide to prepare all your meals for the week.
  • Get ready for an epic first week of eating clean and feeling awesome!

It's that simple because we've planned it all out for you.

So, are you in? Let's do this!


We'll send you a weekly digest of our articles, what we've been reading and That Clean Life updates.


We'll send you a weekly digest of our articles, what we've been reading and That Clean Life updates.